Topic: Top 5 SSBB Characters? Favorite stage?

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Top 5 characters:

1. Link / Toon Link (tied cause they are both awesome)
2. Mario
3. Kirby
4. Sonic
5. Pikachu

Favorite stages:
1. Battlefield
2. Final Destination
3. Skyworld
4. Delfino Plaza
5. Halberd

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Sentomi wrote:

4. Captain Falcon (Captain... PUNCH!!!)


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Can't believe I never posted in this

ANYWAYS! I'm just having fun, my top 5 are:

1. Kirby
2. Pit
3. Fox
4. Peach
5. Jigglypuff

If I'm serious, my top 5 are:

1. Lucario
2. Olimar
3. Pikachu
4. Falco
5. Marth

Haven't played in a while so I'm probably rusty.

Favorite stages would be
1. Final Destination
2. Uhhh, that Animal Crossing Stage
3. Battlefield

I just put up with any other stage



1: Lucario (seems to have grown a lot in popularity. I love his counter move.)
2. King Dedede (I enjoy using for 4 player battles)
3. Wolf
4. Lucas
5. Toon Link

Yoshi's Island. Simple but aesthetically pleasing.



2.Toon Link

Favorite stage: Lylat Cruise.


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1: Pikachu (what a difference from Melee)
2: Toon Link
3: Olimar
4: Mr. Game & Watch
5: Wario
Quite sad to see Samus and Adult Link considerably underpowered comparing to other characters.

Favorite stage: Melee's Yoshi's Island (from Super Mario World)!

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1. Peach
2. Toon Link
3. Yoshi
4. Mario
5. Samus

Favorite Stage: Pirate Ship

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1. Wolf
2. Marth
3. Ike (might have spelled that wrong...)
4. Lucas
5. Toon link

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1.Captain Falcon

He has been my main since the Nintendo 64 days.

2.Zero Suit Samus

I just love her,her agility is great and overall i prefer agility over power so no "Samus" for me


I've been a long time sonic fan and i was waiting for him since that april fools joke from Melee,Sonic did not disappoint

4.Meta Knight

Yes he is broken as hell,but i like him

5.Toon Link

Since Link sucks so bad in Brawl,Toon Link replaced him.

My favorite stage(bear in mind that i haven't played brawl in like 3 years,so i don't remember much),the Super Mario Sunshine stage,sorry forgot the name

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1. Marth (Best character from best game)
2. Lucus (Although his eyes are scary)
3. Yoshi (A very basic simple fighter that never fails)
4. Ice Climbers (Because 2 is better than 1, especially if 1 falls)
5. Snake (He is the Akuma in Brawl, strong, cool, and complicated)

And my favourite place is Shadow Moses Island

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1) Toon Link/ Link (same thing)
2) Pit
3) Marth
4) Meta Knight
5) Sheik
Favorite Stage: Pirate Ship, Battlefield, Bridge of Eldin
I'm a Zelda fan, as you can tell...



1) Captain Falcon(PUNCH!)
2) Falco
3) Wolf
4)Captain Falcon(in gay suite)
5)Snake, but only with the Tanga string on

Favourite stage: Shadow moses island, with the song: To the night..... If I hear that song in that stage I WILL win...

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1) Mr. Game & Watch (Epic Smashes)
2) King Dedede
3) Falco
4) Diddy Kong
5) Olimar
Favorite Stage
Bridge of Eldin (Don't use Marth's final smash on that stage, if you miss with it you automatically die.)

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1. Falco (down-throw chain grab to the edge, forward throw, down air. Your opponent is DEAD.)
2. Ike
3. Kirby
4. Toon Link (normal Link is horrible)
5. Lucas (better than Ness simply because of his up-smash)

Honorable mention goes to Camp Falcon (C Falcon in pink), he's so much fun, but I'm really bad with him...

Favorite stage: Boring old Final Destination
Worst stage: Hanenbow, just awful.

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1. Ike
2. Samus
3. Kirby
4. Ice Blimbers
5. Meta Knight

Favorite Stage: Don't Fall (A custom stage I built that's actually pretty fun) but I 'spose Final Destination is good too.

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1. Marth
2. Toon Link
3. Ike
4. Snake
5. Meta Knight

Also, this

Bulby wrote:

Honorable mention goes to Camp Falcon (C Falcon in pink), he's so much fun, but I'm really bad with him...

Favorite stage: Pirate ship

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1. Ike
2. Samus
3. DK
4. Sonic
5. Mario
My favorite course is probably Final Destination. It may be simple and basic, but it has the least frustrations, tests the characters' true potential, great music, and has cool backgrounds.



LordJumpMad wrote:

1.Gary Oak
2.Bill Cosby
3.Chuck Norris
4.Master Chief
5.Evil Ryu

Huh? LOL, man.



Mine are 1st Mario 2nd Kirby 3rd toon link 4th R.o.b 5th Falco favorite stage probably battlefield

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