Topic: Top 5 SSBB Characters? Favorite stage?

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I don't think I branch out as far as 5 characters, at most I only use two: Samus (my number one) and Ike. As for my favorite stage, well, the answer should be fairly obvious...

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4.Captain Falcon
3. Samus
2. Snake
1. R.O.B.

Favorite Stage: Final Destination, no gimmicks please.



turtlelink wrote:

is it Hanebow?

Nope. I was being serious when I said it might be hard to guess. The winky smiley face was just to throw people off.

Just let it happen.

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1. Ike
2. Olimar
3. Donkey Kong
4. Pokemon Trainer
5. I do not know

I only really use Ike and Olimar... I use pokemon trainer sometimes just randomly, so hes fourth, and im good with DK.
I swithc around a lot, but Ike and Olimar will always be the best


3:Toon link

And I like Final Destination and Delfino Square.

Just for you.
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Kirby, Captain Falcon, Wario, Ike, Wolf in no particular order. I like to have a little variation, so random is cool too.
Favorite stage depends on the character I play with, but I usually go with random when I'm not playing online.


1. Samus
2. Link (or young)
3. R.O.B
4. ummmm
5. Maybe Kirby?
Fave Stage: Spear Pillar or Lylat Cruise


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1. Ike
2. Sonic
3. Metaknight
4. ROB
5. Lucario
Fave stage: Green hill zone or port town aero drive




Stage: CUSTOM. I've made some AWESOME maps.

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1: Ike
2: Lucario
3: Wolf
4: Toon link
5: Link

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I am shocked.

First of all, Ike is cheap, and I really wouldn't expect Ike to be in, EVERYBODY'S top five.

Second, why is Kirby in only a few people's top five? Show some respect for the Super Tuff Pink Puff!

Anyway, my top 5:

1. Kirby (if you haven't figured it out)

2. Ness

3. Donkey Kong

4. Samus

5. Luigi

Favorite Stage: Corneria
(or, if you want one actually new on SSBB): Bridge of Eldin



Top 5:

1) Ike
2) Ike
3) Ike
4) Ike
5) Ike

Dishonorable Mentions:
1) Kirby
2) Captain Olimar

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1.) Toon Link
2.) Kirby
3.) Link
4.) Lucas
5.) Pikachu
Favorite stage: Final Destination. I like to go one on one against a lvl 9 of the same character as me with no items.

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1.) Toon Link
2.) Link
3.) Lucas
4.) Lucario
5.) Marth



1. Kirby
2. Pit
3. Toon Link
4. Sheik
5. Luigi

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I hate hate ROB and Olimar. When i say hate, i really mean hate.

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I can deal with Ike. Even though hes strong he easy to dodge because hes so slow with his attacks. I'm good with everyone but I mainly use...

1. Mario
2. Falco
3. Pikachu
4. Meta Knight
5. Toon Link

Sonic on the other hand is who I hate. If you use Sonic with Smashball on then you are a total noob. D:<

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1. Ness
2. Captain Falcon
3. Samus Aran


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