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Here is the place to post about all the best bargains for the Wii that you've found across the internet. Don't forget to include a link, price and country for the offer, so you don't get anyone's hopes up only to shoot them straight back down.
Don't forget that this is a Wii thread, go to the DS section of the site for DS-related bargains that you may find.

I'll start:

Bully Scholarship Edition
£4.99 at (UK)

Mercury Meltdown Revolution
£7.99 at (UK)

£14.98 at

Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City (With Wii Speak)
£29.98 at

Trauma Center New Blood
£29.98 at

Sam & Max Season One
£12.99 at

DISASTER Day of Crisis
£9.98 at

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Wow that's a really nice idea. Every time I spot a new one I'll post it!

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Wiiloveit wrote:

Bully Scholarship Edition
£4.99 at (UK)

Wow! Bargain. I've already put an order in. (OK so I don't actually own a Wii but I know someone who does).

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Found a few bargains browsing earlier. All free postage as well, which is cool.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time
£19.98 at Yes, I know the link says "Crystal Bearers"!

Deadly Creatures
£19.98 at

They were the ones to stick out. There's a big "Pay Day" sale on the site at the moment that's well worth looking into if you've got money burning a hole in your pocket!

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Here's the only Canadian deal I can find.

Ninja Reflex at $9.99
Most places in Canada sell it for $30

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Wiiloveit wrote:

Zack & Wiki
£11.95 at

I'll keep you posted on any more that I find

That is a good price, but I thought Zavvi now ceased to exist.



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