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In their article they named the following source:

I think videogameszone is just blowing up a really vague idea - it isnt so far away from the Nintendo Concept, though.
Remind that we will get the wii motion plus in June and I guess that Nintendo will try to integrate the new controller options into their games.

So I wouldnt wonder if they make a 1st person Zelda where you can use a lot of precise motion controls, like shooting with arrows or fighting with your master sword beyond the hack&slay level.

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here's my opinion about the next zelda read it all im a good story teller

legend of zelda
the sage cronicals:
im tired of playing as link all the time. if they came out with this game im talking about it would be the best zelda game ever!!

read my mind right here:

if you have beaten ocireana of time you know that there are sages for every element. and they help you in the game. heres my idea for sage cronicals! there are 5 sages to play from but you got to beat everyones story line.
the first sage is a teenager who is the sage of twilight who is ganons nefu and is neglectid. one day link finds the him by the way his name is jeremy.
he is hated becuse people think he's evil. jeremy wants to prove that his uncle ganon is not evil. as a playibal caricter he has a magic staff like spear with blades on each side. the next playibal sage is glenn a trobled boy who lives in southern hyrule.
he is the sage of fire. a noble in his town tells him to go to the temple of fire. he is armed with a chain whip.
when he go's to the temple he obtains the fire sword a magical blade whitch is lit on fire and when sumond can make him look like the guy in that movie the ghost rider.
the 3rd sage is a teenage merman. his back story is somewhat sad. his morther had to help link in ocireana of time and died for helping link. soon he is to discover the real him and weald the water blade.
the 4th sage is the sage of wind. he dose not have a human body and uses switch blade called wind blades.
the 5th sage is the sage of the forest. he is a 10 year old kid who lives with the duku tree. his weapon is a crossbow and forest sword.

the end of the game.
as you know already all the sages are ansestors of sages in oceriana of time.
the sage all help link to try to defete ganon. jeremy is upset and dosenot what to kill him.
when link stabs ganon in the heart something amazeing happens!
an evil spirit called gardavor is releasd and sence link stabed ganon link is posesd by the evil spirit and link becomes dark link.
jeremy starts to cry but somehow ganon wakes back up to say. jeremy is that you?????????! jeremy is happy that his uncle is alive and gardavor nolonger is posesing him. at the end ganon become the general of hyrule. and now link becomes a bad guy! dark link and hyrule get in a war and start a epic war. so thats were hyrule at war comes in the next game after this.!

gameplay of sage cronicles! you use the wii remote to swing your sword and the nunchuck to move!

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