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Kid_A wrote:

I'm playing this now. It's possibly the best RPG I've ever played, barring Chrono Trigger.

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Yay! I finally beat this game. I was on the final boss for about a month (although due to limited time I only actually fought him like 3 or 4 times in that month). I find it funny that most of the opinions I've read on this game, they either don't like it at all or think it's even better than Xenoblade. There are surprisingly few who think it's a great game just not as good as XC. I found it really odd that after all you go through with Calista and Jirall and everything, SPOILER it's only in an optional side mission that you miss if you just follow people's directions that you actually get to marry her. END SPOILER Still a great game, though.


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Anyone playing Last Story online, or want to play online? I'm going to host co-op games on Tuesday Nights and i'm running it out of the online thread so come join us

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Oh Cant wait to play on there. Honestly though this game is insanely addictive, I had a great time playing it. The characters are great, really an amusing lot.I'd like to see more diversity in weaponry and more enemies in a sequel. For me the combat is where it shines( I'd definitely appreciate more attacks though, but this was a game about character and placing management). But I prefer Xenoblade overall because I like the pacing set in it.

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I snagged a "new" copy of this at Gamestop for $30 back in July, and 2 months later I finally beat the game! That last boss had me raging the past 3 days, as that difficulty spike was driving me nuts! Took me 6 tries to beat him, each time taking 20-30 minutes each. Still, the ending was worth it. One of the best and most heartfelt endings to a game imo. Unfortunately, I DID end up skipping 2 or 3 of the optional chapters, which also means I (apparently) SPOILERS skipped/missed Zael and Calista's wedding lol END SPOILERS

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