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Hey Guys! I know we're all excited about the new Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games coming next year, but let's not forget about a certain fighting game from Capcom coming out by the end of this year. has posted a fact sheet for Tatsunoku Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars detailing some important news and details about the game . Here are the major highlights.

-1st some bad news, one of the "Ultimate All-Stars" sadly went supernova and had to be remove due to licensing issues. No name was given but it is assumed it is one from Tatsunoku side.
-And now the good news. Like the mythical Hydra, when one head (or in this case Character) is cut off, two shall grow in it's place, or should I say five. Yes five new characters join the fray; one to replace the removed character and four new fighters. again no names are given but I feel that its safe to assume that it may be characters from the Speed Racer and Pizza Cat series (as they are Tatsunoku's most internationaly known series) as well as Arthur From the Ghost N' Goblins Series (as he and the game's main villian are featured in Soki's ending).
-Over 20 Multiplayer minigames!
-Oh, and Online Gameplay in which match-ups are not restricted to registered friends but who cares about that

to read the whole thing for yourself, go to:



WOOHOO,must buy!



only the weird genie guy got cut out, so yeah nothing big

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YES! Awesome news for us! I can't wait!



Online play has been confirmed?!!!

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Samurai Pizza Cats would be aces!

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No Capcom I've got no choice too many Preorders >.<" for now Tasunko vs Capcom will have to wait i'm only allowed 5+ Preorders and my other two slots are for Galaxy 2 & Nsmb Wii

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So now it's very official, I can't wait!

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Still no "official" official word on EU release? 5 new characters instead of one sounds like a bargain to me, great news! I hope for Pizza Cats too!



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