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What if Nintendo made a sequel to Super Mario RPG for Wii? Imagine it, in full 3D, battles ala Paper Mario 2. The story could even delve into the origins of the 'stached plumbers. Coupled with classic Mario-esque platforming, this could be amazing.

Think we might see it at E3 next year?

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I'd say it's highly unlikely but hey, anything could happen.

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I just hailed thousands of no's at you.

It would be pretty sweet, though. I just finally got SMRPG on VC last month, and I must say, I love it, along with every other Mario RPG. A new version would be, dare I say it, awesomesauce.

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The gameplay you describe would be a real hoot!

But for the story… Well, do we really need to know why the Brothers Mario became plumbers?

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To support their Pizza joint that was going under. I guess you know what happened to the Pizza joint.



Yes, of course Nintendo needs to pull a 1993!

Seriously though, perhaps a light-hearted story on their origins would be fun, as long as it doesn't take itself seriously. (Like the Mario & Luigi trilogy)

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I don't think we'll ever see it because Nintendo think we already have a sequel. The Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series are what they consider the "sequels" to Super Mario RPG and they've said as much before. I'd love to see Square get in on a true sequel, but at this point, I think Nintendo is perfectly happy with the way both series are going. I would like to see a new Wii Paper Mario game that's like the RPG-style games of old.

So in short...No No No No No No No No No No No!

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All the No's we're making me think of Chris Crocker. I hate him BTW.



This would be an great idea. If Square Enix let's Nintendo do it one more try, it would be amazing! Think about it.


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I would love to see this happen but with the amount of Mario games they are releasing in the next year or so + updating all their other franchises i doubt they'd even consider this. Maybe one day in the future, you never know.


I'd actually like to see Square and Nintendo partner to make a sequel like they did in the first one.



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