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It's hard for me to choose which is better then the other. I think Sunshine because of the better hub world system.

Which do you think is better?

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Sunshine is superior because of:

  • big, explorable levels
  • higher difficulty
  • blue coins



Galaxy is superior because:

  • It's not Super Mario Sunshine.

...alright alright, I kid. But Sunshine irked me in a few ways. Mainly the blue coins (which made this the only 3D Mario game that didn't get 100% completion from me), some sub-Mario 64 camera tech (the amusement park level), and the fact that FLUDD was annoying as heck. Not the control of FLUDD...I actually liked having the ability to hover...I just didn't like that certain cut scenes expected you to think of him as a character, and that he wouldn't shut up.

Sunshine was a very good game with a killer soundtrack and some of my favorite 3D Mario levels. But it had its flaws (final boss fight = zzzzz...)

I can't think of a single bad thing to say about Mario Galaxy, and I've 100%'d it twice. Love that game.




Chicken+Brutus wrote:

Galaxy is superior because:

  • It's not Super Mario Sunshine.


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I prefer Galaxy, but I love Sunshine too. The blue coins were stupid in Sunshine. Whilst ones hidden in hard-to-reach but visible areas is fine and encourages you to explore the place, a few two many basically required you to just randomly spray every single window and doorway, and all across Gelato Beach, just in the hope of a coin popping out.


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Chicken+Brutus wrote:

Galaxy is superior because:

  • It's not Super Mario Sunshine.

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While Sunshine was my first 3-D Game, and has a special place in my heart, I prefer Galaxy for the simple fact that you can play as Luigi.



Galaxy is superior because it doesn't have the stupid FLUDD thing. Sunshine's FLUDDless levels are on par with Galaxy.

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Galaxy is the better game for at least one reason.

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I can't stand Sunshine. Doesn't even feel much like a Super Mario game to me. I played through it when it came out and I haven't touched it since, and never will. Galaxy, on the other hand, is brilliant.

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I love them both equally. Galaxy was out of this world. But Sunshine was much more challenging.



I though Sunshine was really fun, but there were instances where I thought "man I hate you FLUDD..." especially on the hotel level, and getting yoshi to that island without hitting water was crappy when I was a kid. Other than that I loved the game.
As for Super Mario Galaxy, I thought it was too easy, or the levels weren't that great, I really liked the obstacle course levels, I liked the bosses, good graphics and sound, some of the levels were really fun.

I guess I like Sunshine better... (a red laser points at my head)



Sunshine. I want FLUDD to return. Now.

The Game.

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Mario Galaxy is boring and bland. It's a fun game at times, but nothing special, to me. Sunshine is my favorite 3D Mario title by far. I like the setting, the level design, the new FLUDD "gimmick", and the difficulty level wasn't THAT hard unless you're going for 100% completion

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vonseux wrote:

  • Sunshine
    pro: hard
    cons: awful camera, fludd, bugs
  • Galaxy:
    pro: Great camera, controls and design
    cons: easy

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How can difficulty be classified as a pro or a con? Some games work better because they are easy, and some games don't work because of how hard they are. Unless, of course, if you're talking about multiple difficulties, which is definitely a pro, but neither games have that.
Also, I'm pretty sure you've never played the Luigi Purple Coin challenge in Mario Galaxy. That was insanely hard.
Also, Mario Sunshine had one of the best hub-worlds in a video game (thus a pro.)
I personally believe Galaxy is the better game.

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I found Mario Galaxy restrictive and a big let down compared to what I expected from it as darn near most of the levels had a set route that you had to go and that was the be all and end all.
Sunshine I liked quite a bit more, for a number of reasons such as the more enjoyable levels (although this is all in retrospect and haven't played Sunshine in a while now).

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To be honest all three 3D Mario games for me anyway are perfect so choosing a perfect game to another in a deferent style perfect game isn't exactly easy however given the fact i like 2D Platform games more then 3D Platform games i can't choose Super Mario Sunshine over Super Mario Galaxy do to Galaxy's 3D style world is more inspired by the classic 2D games.

1 Super Mario Galaxy.
2. Super Mario 64.
3. Super Mario Sunshine.

In that order you could say i view the 3D Mario Main Series. (Super Mario Galaxy 2 from the preview looks superior to the first game but i won't judge it tell i get it).


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Both games are superb, but I've never owned or completed (as in 100%) Super Mario Sunshine. I've been dying to, though, but the only person I know who has it and could lend it to me is a jerk and I don't have the money to be spending on video games at the moment. The FLUDD-less levels in Sunshine were just fantastic, as well as the hub world and the music, etc.

Galaxy on the other hand is the longer game, and anyone who thinks it's devoid of any difficulty obviously didn't complete it twice. Its hub world, while slightly barren, was still pretty charming, plus as Feenie said it had some nice eye-candy in the form of Rosalina. Of course it goes without saying that Galaxy also has superb music, and a less finicky camera. I can't wait to play Galaxy 2...

@Corbie: If you're not going to play Sunshine anymore, how about passing it on to someone who's been dying to give it another play-through for a while? I'd give it a good home...

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