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HAY Gimme a slice of that teen pregnancy cake >:0

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irken004 wrote:

turtlelink wrote:

Having babies at 15? Woah....

Speaking of whoa

that GIF just made me poop a brick

Heisenberg says "relax!"
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oh man, i knew i'd been avoiding this thread for a reason D:

future of NL >:3
[16:43] James: I should learn these site rules more clearly
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[16:44] Vintage: We have rules?
[16:44] Reala: don't expose the staff to sunlight, don't get them wet and don't feed them after midnight

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What is this Thread about?

For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

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LOL, I'm cracking up at how nobody is even taking Starfox seriously, and at how insanely off-topic this thread is.

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I'd nominate this thread for Hall of Fame status, but I think this thread itself is the Hall of Fame.

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Wow, not even one on-topic post? I think that's like a record or something. lol



Oh my, I forgot about this thread.
Well, since last time I posted, I've acquired both a Sephiroth doll, and a Reala doll. The Sephiroth doll looks awesome and all, but it just takes up so much space. The Reala doll, on the other hand, is of the inflatable kind, so I can just squeeze out the air and pack it away after I'm done with it.

Oh, and, needless to say, the complementary foot pump is incredibly useful.

I have a Backloggery now! Nothin' fancy, but feel free to add me as a friend.
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