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Hi there, we have had the boy round and have given him his Christmas present of the skylanders giants booster pack, as the guy in the shop said that this was all we needed as he already has the first set at home. He seems under the impression that he needs a new 'portal of power'.

Can anyone advise me, are these 'portal of power' things generic or does he need a different one for his giants?



If you got just the game that came with a big gaint dude (Bestbuy- 60 bucks) , you don't need another portal, if you have the portal from before. From what I've read, your wii's memory of the privious game will make it possible to still use your little guys from the first game in the new game with all their stats and customization.

I got this for christmas for my boyfriend and I (okay, more for me.) but we both enjoy it a lot; so I recommened Skylanders for adults as well as for kids.

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