Topic: Should we get demos of retail Wii games as well?

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I don't know for sure but I am guessing its relatively easy for developers to port a portion of a retail game to be downloaded in the Shop.

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Yeah and they ca'nt use block size as a excuse since SD crads provide plebty of space.


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The Game.

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Why not. Lots of retail games I'm interested in but would love to try first. But I'm glad with the DS and the WiiWare so far.

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Yep, esspecially for third-party games. I think if people could play a demo of Deadly Creatures or Zak and Wiki, for example, they would be more inclined to buy them.

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I say absolutely. There are some games that would really benefit from having a demo available, such as the ones Kid_A mentioned.


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I agree that they should The competition does it so why not Nintendo. I'm sure it would increase their sells.I know I would buy more Wii games If i got the chance to try them out first.

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Sure, why not? That would be amazing. Nintendo would get better. And the Wii would be more awesome.


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If I'd played a demo of Secret Rings, I probably wouldn't have wasted my $50.

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Absolutely. Will we ever see it? No... At least not this generation.



no, not without actual hard drive support. you could always rent retail games. can't do the same with wiiware so demos for that are really necessary

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There's just not enough space on the hard drive I would think for a whole level of a retail game reasonably, and games still don't run from the SD card directly...the wii temporarily transfers the game to the hard drive. If they could demo retail games in the space of say 2 or 3 max size WW games, then it's maybe possible. Otherwise, it's not.

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They have done the Punchout special thing so it can be done but for some games it would be hard. A hard drive isn't necessary but it won't work unless they allow direct from SD card play and/or restrict the size of the demos. If I have to delete everything on my Wii to play a 250MB demo its really not worth the effort. If they start getting serious with this then they really need to create a demo channel or at least make a space for all of them in the Wii Shop or Nintendo Channel.

Having said that, I am not entirely convinced full retail games even need demos. If there is a full retail game I really like the look of I will buy it, if I want to show a friend it I will lend it to them. Its not like WiiWare where my copy is locked to my console and buying it involves a trip to the hidden shop channel. The only reason WiiWare demos are great is because I can gift a demo something like Bit Trip Beat to people who would otherwise not have a clue it existed

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Give me a heck yes!!!
There is no reson why Nintendo dont do Demos. I mean
Playstion owners have had demos since the PS1.
i think the wiiwaear demos are a step in the rhight direction.

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I'd like it, wouldn't we all. But... like others have mentioned, the size of the thing is what would stop them being downloadable. A disc on the front of ONM would be cool, but I've been dreaming about that possibility for as long as I can remember.



Yes. But they would be to big for the tiny Wii memory so we'll probably never get them.

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@roopa132 what about punch-out? that was essentially a demo wasn't it?.

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not enough space. And not really neccessary either.



That sucks that you don't get demo disks in ONM. Is Nintendo Power like that in the States too? If so, what's the point? My favorite part about the Official Dreamcast Magazine was the demo disks.

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