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I heard a rumor that Shenmue is possibly following a couple of already released sega franchises with a new wii literation. Anyone heard anything or would like to see it happen?



Haven't heard a thing... Would LOVE to see it happen. The thing is though... SEGA lost ALOT of money on the first 2 Shenmue titles... They wasted millions of dollars for what ended up being a so-so selling game. I personally loved it, and could see a Wii port of the first 2 to gage interest... But not a full-blown sequel... Yet...

EDIT: Just after making my educated guess above I found this link:

Am I good or what?

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Shenmue is still my favourite game of all time, my dreamcast still sits on my desk just in case I ever get an urge to play it! I'd love more than anything to see it on Wii!



It would be great, but I've heard this for years (the above kotaku post is a year old, for example)

The best way to do it would be to simply release it as Shenmue Saga or something; include 1 and 2, and come up with an ending for the series. Add gameplay for the chapter between 1 and 2 (the boat ride). Tune the graphics up a bit, 16:9 and so on. Add the various tweaks Xbox Shenmue 2 got to Shenmue (and Part 3 of course); the filters and camera. Add in an option for the original Japanese dialogue (with subtitles of course), and/or completely redub the English voice acting. Don't map anything to waggle, but completely redo FREE to use the IR pointer to select items and decide where to use them.

That would satisfy the fans pretty well. Closure is probably the biggest reason they're so much outcry over Shenmue being cast into the void; imagine watching Empire Strikes Back, awesome movie, I AM YOUR FATHER, and then Lucasarts packing it up and going home. You'd kinda want to know where they're going with this. Just ONE awesome movie, though, can stand on its own legs without people demanding a sequel. It wouldn't take a ton of extra content to finish the storyline up, although rushing it would suck it's better than nothing. Shenmue 2's ending was practically a demo of Shenmue 3, complete with the ending saying "COME BUY THIS WHEN IT'S RELEASED"; so it's not like they couldn't just separate that. In fact, doing the entire thing on a single disk would allow them to separate all of the chapters more clearly.

It would also resolve some big complaints; tossing in the Japanese dialogue would alleviate complaints over the dub. All in one box would again give people closure, plus allow NA players to have their save data carry over (although they'd have to beat the game, of course). Some of the more frustrating sections (the stealth warehouse bit in Shenmue, some of the more ridiculous QTEs in Shenmue 2) could be toned down, or even give the player a 'cinematic' mode where QTEs play automatically.

Plus having everything in one box would help sales hugely-- an old Shenmue fan may not bother picking up a remake, where they would definitely pick up the ending. Likewise, a new player may not pick up a game that's the third, and last, in its series, especially when it would be very difficult for them to play the first two (they would have to find two games and two consoles which aren't sold at retail anymore); that's even worse in a game that's so plot-oriented.

Still, it's nice to dream, but I don't see it happening. Plus, at this point, I'm not sure I'd trust SEGA to finish it off without completely insulting the rest of the series.



I've never played Shenmue but I've heard of the series and know some of the background information around it. If they did a Wii Release, i would have to agree with the idea that they'd release both games together as a bundle on the Wii and seeing that I've never played either before, that would suit me just fine.


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Shenmue was never popular, but it has one of the biggest cult followings in the history of obscure games. I don't know much about Shenmue, because I don't have it on Dreamcast yet, but I plan to buy it and I expect it to be good.

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I never saw how this game got its following. Sure, it was quite ambitious and looked great, but the game was a bit of a mess. The story wasn't great and the game simply loved giving you pointless chores to act as filler. The combat wasn't bad, but occured so rarely it wasn't much of an issue.

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I wouldn't call Shenmue an obscure game. Tons of people know about it, just few have played it. Somewhat like Earthbound.

Fox, the real love for Shenmue comes mostly from just how realistic and interactive the world is. Real world weather; people that don't have any real role in the story are characters, NPCs move around depending on their lives by the time of day. You can open drawers, use phones, and buy things that you have no need to buy. The detective work didn't take a genius, but it was fun for some of us. I'll freely admit that it's not for everyone, but it is a damn fine game.



Right, Tyler_100, if that is your real name. DON'T mess with me on this! You had better have heard something from a reliable source that says it is definately coming to the Wii because, if not, I'm going to hunt you down and announce to everyone around you that you are a liar!

Shenmue 1 & 2 are my favourite games ever and I've been going the best part of a decade hearing false rumours and announcements of a sequel or re-release that I just can't take it any more! So please, announce fake rumours of any game you, please - but not Shenmue. It's too sacred.

Of course, if you're right, I'll send you a cake!



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