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So as some of you might know from my last topic, my Wii doesn't read discs. Well, I ordered the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit and that didn't work either. So, it looks like I'm gonna have to send in my Wii to Nintendo. My question is what items do I send in? Obviously, my wii system... but do I include all the wires? The wii remotes? The e-mail they sent says include a list of all items included, and then:

  • Before packaging for shipment, please remove and keep any games or
    system accessories. Handheld system accessories include stylus,
    cartridge slot cover, SD card, etc. Console system accessories include,
    Wii Remote Jacket, wrist straps, Wii Remote batteries, memory
    cards, etc.
  • Place all items in a plastic bag, then into a box. Pad the box well to
    prevent damage. We do not recommend using your original system box as
    it may attract undesired attention to the valuable items inside. The
    repair will not be returned in your packaging.

It doesn't say anything about including or excluding wires or the remote itself.. hence the confusion



All I sent was the console itself, and nothing else. Just packaged it up, more than i needed to slapped the label on, and off it went. A week later I was playing Brawl.

Note, I was only getting the gunk removed the lens so as to play dual-layer, yours doesn't read ANY discs you say? Dude, that sucks! Hope they fix it for ya.



Yeah, its been like this for over half a year... I dunno how I got by! I miss being able to play games, I've been sticking mostly to wiiware and VC titles in the meantime.

And thanks for the response! I assumed they had the cables and stuff all there, but I didn't wanna not include it and take the risk of it getting sent back to me.

And you got it back in a week? Was it really that quick? The reason I kept putting off sending it in is because I don't wanna not be able to play my wiiware games for a while, and I don't wanna lose the data that can't be copied to the SD card (I think Mario Kart was one)



All you should need is the Wii itself. When I sent my Wii off for repairs before (duel layer problems), all I sent was the console and the tracker note with the repair ID.



Nintendo is incredibly fast as this stuff. I was worried too about letting my precious Wii out of my control. But if you pack it well and ship it using the provided FedEx label, it will come back to you quickly and in better condition than when it left. Less than a week turnaround time for me!



Yeah, they cleaned mine and everything, really excellent service, though it took two weeks for me and was a system board replace due to my making an unintended softmod...

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I had an issue with my drive...The rep was awesome! He knew right away what was wrong... I ended up with a shipping label and sent it off...Within a week I had a return confirmation and estimated receiving date. The replaced the drive and payed for the shipping and game me an extended warranty of a year....All I sent was the system...They said to make sure to back up saves in case they had to replace any parts or the system itself...Note: No matter what retailers say, in the US at least, Nintendo will replace any original part from the box...I heard BestBuy said Nintendo will not replace the sensor bar, wrong, they will and you do not have to ship the old one back...

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I sent my Wii in this morning... hope everything goes ok! Thanks guys



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