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The pointer controls were the b-bomb, loved them! Popping ganando's in the knees with a handgun has never been so But the pointer control made the game a little too easy Vs analog controls. But that's where Proffesional mode comes into play. And even if somebody doesn't like the poitner controls they can still use a Gamecube or classic controller so yes the Wii version of RE4 IS the definitive version.

With that out of the way, I just can't stand RE4 anymore and that's only because of the setting, the enemies, the score and the fact that it completely abandons everything RE-related before it and completely skimps out on the puzzles and backtracking. Still you've got to give credit to where it's due. The gameplay & controls are phenomenal!

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Yes, i love this game, i had the GC version and later the Wii version and the Wii version is the best. I played also the PS2 version but the Wii has all updates and options.

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