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After playing sooo many zombie/mutant games for multiple systems, RE4:WE still stands as one of the greatest type of zombie game out. Why can't any ofthe newer versions of RE as well as new zombie in general be as good or at least try to folllow the RE4 model? So many new yet poorly made zombie games out!



Its still my favorite RE game too.

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I've grown to despise RE4. I realise it's a great game(finished it twice on the cube and once on the Wii) but good lordy is it depressing. The setting, characters(Krauser being the worst) and soundtrack just didn't work for me. It was just too big of a departure from the RE norm. I wanted the scares, the puzzles, the back tracking, the haunting atmosphere and saving ammo like they were diamonds like in the traditional RE games before it, and I didn't get it.

Yet it played, or should i say controlled wonderfullly. Not even RE5 and especially the oh so horrible RE6 can touch it's level structure, creativity(RE5 was very cut & paste) or Enemie physics, at least in terms of reacting the most realistic when being shot. It's extrmely fun taking down ganando's in a variety of ways, weather it's popping them in the knees which usually makes them stumble to the ground, ot shooting hatchets out of their heads, ect ect. This is what RE NEEDED in terms of controls and having that full scope-3rd person aiming, but it ventured off into a completely different experience all together and abandoned everything else before it. Noobers jumping into RE4 won't give a Stevey' urcle, and they are usually the ones that are continuesly praising it, but RE fans seem to be split on RE4, as am i!

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This game was the best game ever for a while. I was 12 and got it a week or 2 after it first came out on GCN.
I would say it was my most favorite, but I can understand why alot would like the fixed camera originals.
I also had 0, 1, 2, and 3 for GCN, and those were ok. The 1st remake was my most favorite of those ones. These games didn't really seem that hard for me, but they were interesting and creepy alot of the time.
The first time Leon got decapitated by the chainsaw man, I just thought OMG. I was 12, but that game lasted me all summer and then some.
1. RE4
2. RE1 remake
3. RE5
4. RE: Revelations
5. RE0
6. RE2
7. RE3
8. RE6

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Funny that you mention this. I am actually replaying RE:4 right now on my Wii. It truly is a classic.

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I played and beat it too many times, so it's not my favorite any more. I play the living hell out of this game. But at the same time I like the whole atmosphere of REmake better than all the others anyway.
I like how you can still get this game for $20.00 on Amazon New still haha

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I think kinda what made this game so good was the Wiimote/Nunchuck control method. I wish more shooter games on the Wii/Wii U would have/make more use of that control scheme. Kinda irks me that RE:R wont have that control scheme on the Wii U.

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I wholeheartedly agree. Resident Evil 4 Wii is one of my favorite games ever. It was one of the first games I played on the Wii after many years of no gaming, and I was blown away.

The wii mote nunchuck combo was fantastic. It gave a feeling of realism and freedom. It was fun. It was engaging, immersing. The pointer controls worked perfectly. The brilliant wii remote speaker. The game was long and interesting. The story didn't make much sense to me, but I just loved every bit of it - even the QTE's. It was as perfect game as I've played. And indeed, it is a shame that not many games followed suit with that example as a template for a perfect game [I played RE5 on a PS3 and was "meh" on the controls, on the interefering sidekick and bright settings. Some people say that RE4 was less horror and more action, but those killer wolves jumping on you in the dark etc prove otherwise.]

I am having a similar experience right now with Zombi U and Batman Arkham City. Both games are blowing me away in terms of "new-generation/revolution" gameplay, interacting via the gamepad, and all the different innovations they came up with . I think this is the strongest nature of Nintendo - trying to come up with new ways to play all the time , and you say "wow, this really works.... better than the old way was".

Resident Evil Revelations blew me away with the graphics. It just looks so spectacularly good in crisp 3D. The game itself is not as good as RE4 but it was fun and a good story (had one brilliant surprise I thought right in the middle regarding the ship's identity). I actually was not able to kill the final boss though and gave up at least till now lol.

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The Final Boss in Revelations easily eclipses that battle against Lord 'Spider' Sadler in RE4. Fighting against that Aqua Tyrant in Revelations was absolutely INtense! and possibly the most epic and memorable final baddy showdowns the franchise has seen yet. It would of been interesting if you could of played the 'main' game with just Jill on the ship instead of having to put up with the whole mix mash of mindless shoot out episodes. Capcom just couldn't go straight up survival horror, they just HAD to go and ruin it all with the cheap run 'n gun filler which one could argue was just a cheap way to extend the game instead of trying to please both sides of the Survival Horror/Action spectrum.

But yup! I'd say the original RE on the PS1 was the most unforgettable RE experience. You just had to of played it during it's release to fully appreciate it's awesomeness and the fact it unleashed the Survival horror genre....It was the first of it's kind(Alone in the dark-PC aside) and dare i say groundbreaking. The 'remake' however didn't exactly do much for me. It was good don't get me wrong, but by the time it was released i was pretty burnt out of the traditional RE formula, having already played 1, 2, 3 and CV. Zero just beat down the ratty canvas even more haha.

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@WaveDudeBro I don't like any of the new bosses because nothing will ever beat the epic fight of the Nemesis... That mofo goes from the beginning of the game till the end



One of my favorite games. The Wii version is the Ultimate version.

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Hands down, the PS2 version of RE4 was the best.
The rest are just copies of what the PS2 did.

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Personally I loved this game a long with everyone else it seems, but to the person above that said that said the people who praise this game never played another RE game, well in my place you are right. A shame that if I heard correctly that they didn't continue with the Las Plagas storyline, or did i hear wrong? For me it was funny because it was a throw in game buy oue get one, i forget where it was years ago, with Call of Duty World at War which I was really looking forward too, and just ended up falling in love with this game.

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The Merchant was awesome.

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LordJumpMad wrote:

Hands down, the PS2 version of RE4 was the best.
The rest are just copies of what the PS2 did.

Are you kidding? The PS2 version was only slightly better because of extra content that was added to justify a port. It played and looked like trash compared the GCN versionno matter how much extra stuff they threw on there.
The Wii or HD versions on Xbox 360 or PS3 complete with GCN visuals were the best. The HD versions couldn't even recover from the PS2's horrible AI. The Wii version still retains the original visuals sans HD, motion control, regular controls, and the PS2 extras.
I got it 2 weeks after it came out on GCN, used for Wii, and the HD version for PS3, and my judgement on which version is best is anything but the PC and PS2 version.

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I have it on the Cube and the HD port on 360, but traded in the Wii version. Definitive my ass. The controls are far worse than any other version. Eurogamer got it right.

You might remember, too, that one of Resident Evil 4's improvements over previous games in the series was a new, improved control scheme. It granted players direct control over Leon Kennedy (and an assortment of others), and introduced precision aiming. Which is where Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition comes in. It enters with a quick nunchuk to the ribs, followed by a dagger slash to the throat to establish the definitive version of the game: like it was on the GameCube and the PlayStation 2 but with an even newer, more improved control scheme, thanks to Nintendo's universally accessible Wiimote.

Except it doesn't. It actually just trips over its own feet and flies off the wriststrap through your mum's window. Because it doesn't feature an improved control scheme, it features the opposite: a worse control scheme. Here's what Kristan had to say about the game when it came out on the Playstation 2: "Being able to aim quickly and with precision is the key to enjoying Resi 4 - because that's pretty much the bulk of what you'll be doing throughout the game as you fend off a succession of demented plague-ridden Spanish villagers." Well the bulk of what you'll be doing throughout the game is still fending off a succession of demented plague-ridden Spanish villagers. It's just you won't be able to aim quickly or with precision, so it's slightly more difficult to enjoy Resident Evil 4 on the Wii.

Since it's only £25, you might as well take a punt if you haven't already played it. It's just a shame that one of the best ever action games has become another casualty of the Wii controller. Indeed, for a controller that was supposed to herald a new dawn of inclusive gaming there are a lot of third-party publishers who have yet to get their heads round it. Presumably, when they decided to create a Wii version of Resident Evil 4, Capcom envisaged an even more inclusive version of the best ever action game. What they got is a game that now looks dated, and plays exactly the same but with worse controls. Not exactly a new dawn.



Meh. I thought the motion control was cool for what it was. It was mainly due to be a port with added motion control for why it got recieved that way by some, but everyone I knew that played the game liked it better than the GCN or PS2(especially) versions.
It would also be good to note that the Wii version supported the Classic controller...
Overall, I liked the HD versions best, but playing the GCN version was special when it was still new. I'm pretty sure RE4 is the game that caused me to demand more from the games I play.
Hopefully they will just find a way to use motion plus without needing to point at the sensor bar to aim, but still allow commands to happen by pointing at the sensor bar simultaneously.


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Except EuroGamer was the only one in the world that didn't like it, love it or admire it and adore it.

Gamespy wrote:

GameSpy 100 The reason that the Wii version is the best is because the new control system makes the gameplay more enjoyable. Using both the Wii remote and the nunchuck, players will be able to perform all of the regular moves and attacks from before, only now they can do them in a more sensitive, accurate and pleasing fashion.

Gamepro wrote:

GamePro 95 Marrying an innovative control scheme to the best survival action game ever and presenting at a bargain price is something even the most brain-dead zombie can get behind.

Gaming Nexus wrote:

Gaming Nexus 93 Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is an even better game than the original release. Any graphical wrinkles are outweighed by the smooth new Wii controls, which put other sloppy “Wii-makes” to shame.

Game Trailers wrote:

GameTrailers 93 Anyone who missed this gem the first time around should pick it up, and even grizzled vets should consider reliving the nightmare with the improved controls on Wii.

Gamer 2 wrote:

The Wii version of Resident Evil 4 is undoubtedly the best there is. It’s a great value at $29.99 for what you’re getting, considering it’s one of the best games around and that it adds some remarkably refreshing new controls that are far superior to the previous versions.

Thunderbolt wrote:

Thunderbolt 90 While the WiiMote combat can be a little flaky, it still outclasses the clunky, unintuitive controls of the original.

PALGN wrote:

The best of the best comes to the Wii, and it's a resounding success. A great port, and great motion control.

Electronic Gaming Monthly wrote:

Though they suffer a bit when things get hectic, the Wii-mote-enabled controls generally serve RE4 well: Aiming weapons, swiping your knife, and shaking off face-sucking nasties with real-world moves adds urgency to an already incredibly intense experience

Game Almighty wrote:

The new Wii controls definitely make it worth plaything through again. At $29 there’s almost no excuse for not picking this one up, especially if you’re looking for the best demonstration of the Wii Remote yet.

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@Peach64 You know you could use the GameCube controller with the Wii Edition though?

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