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Would it be crazy to buy a Wii now? I haven't played any games from the Wii's library as I was too busy with PS3 this gen. There are still a ton of games in development for WiiU, and there are one or two games I would play this fall for the WiiU. Are they worth the €299.99 price tag? I could just buy a cheap Wii and have access to more games to choose from. I know the wiiU is backward compatible but I don't want to spend €299.99 to play mostly Wii games. What do you guys think?



If you don't plan on buying a Wii U for a while, I would say to go for it for sure. The consoles are cheap and easy to come buy, and as the above poster said, there are tons of great games on the system for dirt cheap.

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The Wii is a great console with tons of interesting games. Get a Wii and loads of games cheap now, you won't regret it. Eventually, if you get a Wii U, you can transfer your saves and everything onto it - or you can hang on to the Wii and keep playing on it!

But don't get a Wii Mini, that thing is horrible.

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Yes, it is a great console and all your saves, games, accesories, downloads are transferible to Wii U so you will keep everything you get for Wii.

Only one thing, search the vertical version, it has GameCube compatibility. Skip the horizontal version.

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Wii is the new king of the hidden gems (as far as I'm concerned anyway) and lots of Nintendo's games are awesome as usual. It's a worthwhile purchase, definitely.

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Yes, the Wii has loads of great games, and most of them are very cheap now. If possible, be sure to buy an original Wii with GameCube support. Even if you don't plan on playing GameCube games, its worth it just for GC controller support, especially with Brawl.

And pick up a component cable for cheap online, makes the games look much better

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i'm going to play wii for another year or two.

i'm always three years behind the latest stuff cause i'm cheap lol .

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uhm yeah there is ssb brawl on the wii and twilight princess how could you not get it zelda needs you

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I think games like Xenoblade Chronicles, Mario Galaxy, Skyward Sword, and Smash Bros. are more than worth the price of the console. Plus, it'll tide you over until the Wii U finally gets a heftier library.

Ha ha ha! What a story Mark!

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Don't forget third party as well. You wont find games like Red Steel 2 or The Last Story on any of the other consoles. Also just picked up Rogue Trooper the other day for £9 quid, what a bargain!!!!

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I was able to get a brand new WiiU for €150 . . Win/Win



maidesu wrote:

uhm yeah there is ssb brawl on the wii and twilight princess how could you not get it zelda needs you

Lol! You're quite convincing; put you in charge of marketing, I'd say.

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