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I've been thinking about this for a bit, mainly because I got the game and the forum is talking quite a bit about it. Assuming that there's a possibilty of a sequel, what characters would you like to see in the game, and what new characters can you come up with that can be in the new game?

New Characters

Vlad King:

A Very big, very hairy, very angry viking who wants to make sure that Scandiavia (and Valhalla) is the boxing captial in the world. He struts into battle wearing a viking cemory helmet (bull horns) and pants made by some animal (possibly a bear). Fights Bear handed since his hands are so big he can't get his hands into boxing gloves, instead he wraps a white ribbon around his fist.


Entering the ring: "FOR VALHALLA!!!"

Punches: loud grunts

Falls to the floor: "Take me Valkyrie!"

Special Punch: "THOR'S HAMMER", executes a powerful hook, but with both hands in a single swing, then swings again in the other direction, you need to time ducks to avoid it.

Tucker Bush

A very stereotypical Australian who resembles a beefier version of the late Steve Irwin. Ridicous tan, steriotypical Aussie big nose, hell add corks in his hat this is PunchOut after all!!!

Entering the ring: "I'm gonna get yah sport!"

Punches: "'ave some ov' this mate!"

Special: Croc Bite "Croc gonna get yah'!", does a simutanious double hook, swinging both his hands together as if he's making a gesture of a Crocodile's jaw, pretty hard to avoid since his hands will be everywhere, however when he swings his arms back to prep the croc bite he leans his body foward giving you the oppertunity to punch him to cancel his move.

Fall to the floor: "Crikey mate..."

Other Characters from Previous games

Clearly Dragon Chan (just because he cheats by kicking!)
Gabby Jay (as the next "super easy" opponent)
Bob Charley (Gotta have a carribean dude in the for laughs)
Masked Muscle
the Bruiser Brothers
Texas Mac (from PunchOut Spin off "Arm Wreslting", might need to change the name though to avoid confusion in names"Little Mac" and "Texas Mac")

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How about this as a character...

Steve Bass

A stereo typical rock god trying a new career choice in the boxing ring! The character will look like a cross between Ozzy Osborne and Mick Jagger, a Drugged up and slow, could make a great and funny beginner character!


Enter the ring: Whoah.... Eye of the tiger...

Punches: Woo! yeah! (as if he's yelling to a crowd at a gig)

Special: Guitar smasher, literially pulls out a guitar and smashes it over your head, then whines about needing to get a new guitar.

fall to the floor: Knock knock Knocking on heaven's door... oh! oh! OHOHOH! (maybe that's a lil' too long)




i hope they dont make another



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