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looking for a good prince of persia game for the Wii and this title was given. Any opinions?



I liked it. It can get frustrating sometimes since you may not know what to do and the combat is not great, but it's still a good platformer.

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I'd say just buy the original trilogy on Gamecube and play them on your Wii. None of the newer titles have been that great.

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The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


There are only two Prince of Persia games for the Wii: "Forgotten Sands" and "Rival Swords". "Forgotten Sands" is the only new PoP game on the Wii. "Rival Swords" is only a re-releases of the Gamecube title "The two Thrones" (with adapted controls).

The Gamecube has "The Sands of Time", "The two Thrones" and "Warrior Within". If you have a Wii model RVL-001 you could play them too.

I would recommend all four of them because they're all great.

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Totally avoid it. Didnt like that one because it was like Sands of Time, but with no sands of time that were the things that made Sands of Time an epic game. Its just a normal adventure game.




I enjoyed the Forgotten Sands. I think it is well worth the time, especially considering how cheap it likely is now. Just keep in mind it will frustrate. There was a color based puzzle toward the end that was infuriating.



I played some of it. The platforming is good but the combat is terrible and you will start to wish you could skip it.

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