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Don't get me wrong, the CC and the GC controllers are not unplayable for N64VC by any means. But they do feel much less than the N64 controller.

I just post this because it is interesting how unique subsequent Nintendo controllers have been, while Sony - (aside for motion control and early lack of rumble in 6 axis) - have more or less stayed pat.

I do not like the analog layout of either the dualshock or the classic controller. Seems like most peopl either dislike it like myself, or think it is the best controller ever. But I feel the analog should be front and center under your thumb. Conversly, I feel the d-pad is poor on GC because it is so out of the way, it is an odd angle to reach it. Some say the problem is it is too small, but it is no smaller than GBA, DS, etc.

Now the N64 controller was the best of both worlds. You have two left hand positions, analog and d-pad. Analog position has a very intuitive trigger, like the wimote does, and d-pad has the shoulder button. In theory, that should be the perfect compromise, but in practice very few games used the d-pad at that time of almost everything franchise going 3-d, if it made sense or not. (Granted the -analog stick gets 'loose' fast, but that is another matter...)

So, I use the Wimote alone for NES games, the classic controller for SNES games ( the GC controller is ussally poor) and the GC controller for N64 games...! Even though the c-stick is not as handy for game desgined with the 4 face buttons... So it is kind of odd, just interesting on how game design is so tied to controllers. I am not sure if the N64 controller is hurt by having 'only' one analog, seems like the face buttone worked well for camera control when they had to, and games like Mario Galaxy and others nowadays try to eliminate camera control altogether - (which I don't like....)

So that raises the question - should the Classic Controller have been designed in the vein of the N64 controller, instead of (apparently) the dualshock??? With a little different right hand button layout, I feel they could have gotten N64, SNES and NES (plus the non Nintendo consoles, of course) under one roof. And is this not an oportunity for a 3rd party controller maker?

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The only problem I have with the Classic Controller is it's lack of rumble. Aside from that I really like it.

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the C-stick makes trying to play the ocarina in Ocarina of Time absolute hell. i would love to see a version of the classic controller or a third-party GC controller with some C buttons.

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The N64 controller rocked so hard, but I think I got through a dozen of those throughout that consoles life.
I loved it so much, playing Turok using the analogue stick to look around was the 1st time I'd ever played an fps on a console, with control comparable to that of keyboard and mouse. I thought I was ahead of the game, and I was...

I have always disliked the Playstation controller, I thought it was basic then, and it hasn't changed shape since then. It is not ergonomic in any way, shape, or form. Blek!

All controller operations were invented by Nintendo, from the D-pad to the analogue, from shoulders buttons to rumble, they innovate, others follow.

I use a Wavebird and have since GC, in my eyes it is perfect. So in answer to your question, no I don't think the CC shoulda been modeled on the 64 pad, but instead upon its evolution that was the mighty Wavebird.




Time for a homebrew N64/wii Controller.

I've gotten used to all controllers and to admit: I'm tied between N64, Gamecube, and Dualshock 3

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N64's controller would be ideal for VC.
NES: Control pad, A, B, Start... and then use shoulder buttons for Select.
SNES: Control pad, L, R, Start... C buttons for ABXY, and A and B for Select.

The problem I think is that Nintendo doesn't want to appear like it's moving backwards. Not only that, but a lot of people were put off by the N64's weird controller design. More than one person told me back in the day that it looked like it was for aliens. ...of course, I thought that was what made it so cool!

I really dislike playing Star Fox 64 on Classic Controller. Wavebird is a bit better, but I don't like having to use GC controllers to play Wii. Of course, I don't personally care for N64 games that much, so I can live with it, but it does seem like the controller could have been designed better.

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a bit pricy, but they work. I have one for playing a old NES controller on the Wii. The real challenge will be finding a N64 controller who's analog stick isnt all loose.



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