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I'm trying to find some info on how to set up this game for my nephew. He's got the Wii, the portal and some Skylanders figures. How can he play on the Wii? Is there a special cable needed to connect to the Wii? Does he need to buy a Skylanders Wii game?

If someone could please she some lights on this, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm clueless about kids games.




I bought the Wii version of the game yesterday (Starter pack), but I've played it only on Wii U so far. It had three figurines, the Portal of Power and the game disc (+ some cards and manuals).

The Portal of Power that came with the starter pack has a USB cable that should be plugged in to the back of the console.

You do need a Wii game disc (Skylanders Giants) that came with the starter pack, but you do not need the original Skylanders game to play this one. (Or at least I haven't.)

I haven't played the game past the first three or so levels, but thus far I haven't needed any other figurines than the three (Tree Rex, Jet-Vac and Cynder) that came with the box. Sure, there are regions I can't get into without other figurines, but I haven't needed them to progress.

Was this of any help or was I just too late?

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