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I recently saw some images of Piston Honda and The Great Tiger in the new Punch-Out game for Wii. The images seem legit enough and are starting to pop up on numerous websites but I don't want to get my hopes up too high just yet. Does anyone have anymore information regarding this story? Also, who would you like to see in the new Punch-Out game for Wii?



Yeah well, its a 3-d remake of the NES game right? So why is everyone popping off on 'confirmed' charachters? Seems pretty anticlimatic, its like - confirmed, 'Mario is in the next Smash Brothers!'

New Play Contorl Punch Out, this topic needs some outrage, some rabble rousing, and casual bashing - stat!

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I've alternately heard it referred to as a remake and a brand new title. If it's a remake, I'm not paying full retail price for an NES game, no matter how great it looks (and it does look gorgeous). Well, I probably won't get it anyway, but I at least want to rent it if it is a new one. I'm assuming it is ne, or this thread would be pointless, like you said. Probably just is more inspired by the original than the sequel, so it's getting called a remake mistakenly because of that.

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I have a early copy of a certain Nintendo magazine with a Punch-Out!! review.

I can confirm it's made by Next Level Games, that there are 13 characters which you'll have to fight twice each (second time round significantly harder than the first), and an Exhibition mode (although it really should be called "Challenge").

Don't know the character list, but post a link and I'll have a look.

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