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I'm enjoying this game so far. I ended up letting Elena's meter get nearly depleted, which made the battle against the Master of the Sheerdrop Spire all the more intense. So far, the relationship between Aeron and Elena and the master battles have been the highlights, though I have also liked the battles and designs of the towers. There's a bit of a same-y feel to the design, but I can't imagine it becoming a flaw of any significance for me.

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Got it! It is a great way to go out on the Wii!

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I'm not enjoying Pandoras Tower near as much as I thought I would. It's a nice platforming game which seems like it should be the Castlevania game on Wii that we never received. I don't know if the Platforming or the story line that are bugging me. I think I will move onto the Classic controller and see if that helps me enjoy the game a bit better. I'm not a big fan of Motion controls so hopefully switching too the Classic controller will make it better. To me this is definately not near as good as Xenoblade and Last Story. Of course Nothing is better than Xenoblade

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TheConsonant wrote:

Wait till you get farther in, it's going to start feeling a little stale. Have you let Elena's meter fall to red at all yet?

Yeah, I have spent too much time in a tower and let it fall to red a few times.

I don't mind some end-game repetition, as I'm an avid fan of the JRPG genre. I can see where Pandora's Tower isn't the majority of gamer's cup of tea outside of Japan, but for me, this is exactly the type of games that I enjoy. I like when things are outside the box and I absolutely love the characters in Pandora's Tower.

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Out of the three Operation Rainfall games, this is the only one that truly feels tailored to the Wii due to the motion and pointer controls. Both Xenoblade and The Last Story skimped on motion controls entirely, so they felt more like games that were downscaled from the other consoles.

I really like the characters and find the gameplay to be very original. However, I'm finding the movement and attacking controls to be a bit stiff at times. The biggest problem has to be the fixed camera angles, which make the game look great but make it harder to see things that are farther away. Overall, though, I'm definitely enjoying the game.



See, compared to the old fixed camera games, like the original Resident Evil and Parasite Eve titles, Pandora's Tower's fixed camera angles are much, much better. The fixed camera angles all play into the game's puzzle-like feel and it is very rare that an enemy attacks you from outside of your view too.

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