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What Wii games have you tried that you would consider overlooked or underappreciated?

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Zack & Wiki.

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Sorry, couldn't resist. Hate DDI so much, i tried to help advertise that petition to ban them from making more games on Nintendo consoles.

Being serious though, Zack & Wiki for certain is underappreciated and often overlooked, which is a shame. I also think We Love Golf! is another good example, alongside Disaster, Dragon Quest Swords and (as far as i know) Ghost Squad. I also think HOTD: Overkill is being overlooked by many, due to low sales the game has had.


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Picked up De Blob at a store that was going out of business (45% off!) and I love it. It has its flaws, but it does so much EXACTLY right...and the music is killer...

I hope more people give that game a chance. It really deserves it.




@Chicken Brutus: Exactly. I'm glad you're enjoying it. It reminds me a lot of the musical stylings of SSX Blur.



Zack & Wiki, Okami, Boom Blox. Okami is a big one since I think it's easily as good as Zelda was and so many people were all about Zelda.



Fire Emblem Dawn of Radiance ( I think I confuse the name with the GC one alot) I dont see alot of people talk about that game and I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan.



Wii Music, Okami, Boom Blox, We Ski & Snowboard,



boom blox, we ski & snowboard



Okami, Trauma Center

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Zack and Wiki! Criminally overlooked.

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Zack & Wiki and also De Blob.



I liked Alien Syndrome.

What I like about the game is the firepower! Upgrading your guns and armor is fun to me. Plus I like the controls. Easy to move, fun to fire. There's nothing like roasting aliens with the flame thrower.

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Castle of Shikigami III.

While the general game play is nothing special (it's good, quite good, but mostly formulaic), all the pre-game options make this a standout game for me. Most shootemups don't have many difficulty options (if any), and those that do exist don't make as much of a difference as they should, but Shikigami has quite a few difficulty options, and the difference is visible right away. You can also play co-op, which seriously, why don't all shooters have this option? Seems very easy to add, and it at least doubles the fun. The multitude of playable characters with their own unique weapons and stories (which are hilariously nonsensical) makes it much more replayable than most shooters, too.

While I really enjoy the genre, I'm not nearly as experienced in it as some around here, so maybe these features aren't as uncommon in the genre as I imagine, but in my experience this kind of package is special.

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I don't know that De Blob is really overlooked, it did get some good press coverage and reviewed well; I'd say the same for another good THQ release: Deadly Creatures.

Monster Lab is the stand-out to me: little to no press coverage or promotion by publisher Eidos.

Blast Works is released in Europe today -- it's not even on the release listings of sites like Eurogamer and, surprise surprise, also being published by Eidos...

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SNK Arcade Classics - this game costs 20 bucks now, brand new, you might be able to find a used one. And you get 16 games (15, 1 is unlockable) Thats about $1.25 (less then 200 Wii points) a game. Now if you were to wait to download these all from the VC, it would come to $144.00, with each game being 900 points. Like the Atari Jaguar ad, Do the Math.

Warioland Shake it - Beautiful 2D platforming. Not since DK Country first came out have I been blown away by a good looking 2D game.

HotD: Overkill - If you liked Planet Terror, and RE games, you'll love this. Pays wonderful homage to the Exploitation films, and is hilarious.

Blastworks - It's like Little Big Planet, except with airships. A wonderful 2D shoot-em-up with a highly in depth customization for the ships. Not just some tacked on editor, but free range.

Dokapon Kingdom - Mario Party meets Final Fantasy, with the hostility level raised. It says on the back of the box. "The Friendship Destroying Game" How could I resist?

Onechanbara - Guilty pleasure, and I'm not talking about the fact that the heroine is scantly clad. It's definatly a wand waver, but I've never seen a game where it makes sense to be one, and have it still be fun.



Geometry Wars Galaxy is a game I feel got over looked.

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