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I think I've seen many say that Wii is plagued by on-rails shooters. (By the way, has DDI done one yet? I haven't heard of one.) Personally, I like them for being mostly mindless fun for a moment.

Which on-rails shooters on Wii or WiiWare are, in your opinion the best? (And it'd be fun to learn also why you think so; I might want to add them to my list of games to keep an eye on.)

Of the ones I've played, visually the best is probably Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies, although Dead Space: Extraction isn't ugly, either (I need to get it back and continue where I left off). As for what I think is the most fun, it might be Ghost Squad or Gunblade NY (possibly only because it's the only on-rails shooter I've extensively played recently).

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House of the Dead: Overkill. It's a lot of fun and pretty hilarious. Doesn't really bring anything new or special to the table, but still a good time (although short).

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The only On-Rail shooter I played is House of the Dead: Overkill. The game is really good and includes an RPG element along with several modes for multiplayer. My only complaint is with the story, but it only has to be seen once and can be skipped every time after that. I recommend it, but I am not sure how it compares to other rail shooters



HOTD 2 & 3 Collection > Overkill.



I'm not sure whats the best but I had a lot of fun with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

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Darkside Chronicles would probably get my vote...there's a lot of fun to be had with Ghost Squad though--short, co-op, allows for 4-player co-op, and tons of incentive to replay in the form of increasing difficulty (up to 16 levels) and branching paths. Stellar game and tends to be 20 bucks or less. The presentation is super over the top too in that horrible Sega way which scores autobonus points.

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House of the Dead Overkill > all other light gun games (cept' Time Crisis 2)

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I only have one, and it's Link's Crossbow Training. Great game for only $20 and it comes with the Zapper.


Yeah, I would agree that House of the Dead Overkill is a really good game. You just have to be careful who you play it with. I also have Dead Space: Extraction which was good too.

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vonseux wrote:


Never played but just looked it up looks kinda good.

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I really enjoyed Dead Space Extraction.
But just the same, I see you can buy a Dead Space game on iPhone which controls and plays exactly like the Ps3/360 versions, yet the Wii gets a rail shooter? I love rail shooters, and I'm not saying DS:E is a bad game because it's on rails. But I would've certainly preferred a 3rd person horror game with Wii controls.



vonseux wrote:

Sin & Punishment


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dark side and umbrella chronicles are good. quite difficult in places even on the easy settings. and both are fairly decent in the amount of game play you get.
ghost squadron, house of the dead 2&3 return and over kill are all really fun to play, but then, that`s sega`s arcade experience shining through. although they just feel too short, even if you play through all of the different routes in each game.
wild west guns (wiiware). i do like this, it may be short, but it is quite addictive, and trying to get the platinum scores on each level can be quite tricky, definitly worth the download.

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Attack of the movies 3-D is terrible

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In my opinion, Ghost Squad is by far the best rail shooter on the Wii. It may be short (about 30 minutes long) and the graphics may be dated but the replay value is huge thanks to the variety of gameplays, a great scoring system, multiple paths, 16 difficulty levels, a no reticle / double points option, and a levelling system for unlocking guns and outfits. On top of that, it's very funny, especially the "Paradise Mode".

House of the Dead Overkill on the other hand is the worst I played: The difficulty is non-existent (even in the supposedly harder "Extra Mutants" and "Director's Cut" modes). The scoring system is bad and its combo based nature makes machine guns useless. The dialogs, poor man's Tarantino style, are funny at first but, as about 90% of the jokes are about Detective Washington using the F word, they get old very fast. Worst of all, as if those design flaws weren't enough, the game is plagued by technical flaws too. The framerate is shameful, too often a combo gets interrupted because a framerate drop occurs at the same time you pull the trigger and the shot is fired like half a second later. It also has numerous bugs like console freezing or player 2 trigger press sometimes not registering (this one is just unforgivable in a rail shooter). Sure, the graphics and music manage to get the grindhouse style perfectly right but, as a rail shooter, it's worthless. To me, the most overrated game on the Wii and the perfect example of style over substance.

The Resident Evil games are both okay but the action is a little slow-paced for a rail shooter.
Dead Space Extraction is even slower-paced (I would say the game is half about watching unskippable cutscenes, half about shooting) but there is a challenge mode that is 100% about shooting.
Link's Crossbow Training mixes gameplays (shooting gallery, rail shooter and third-person shooter) and is good for scoring addicts but really lacks content, even considering the price.

And to extend the topic, a few arcade shooting games that would have deserved to hit the Wii: the Point Blank series, the Police 911 series (would work great with Balance Board), The House of the Dead 1 & 4, the Virtua Cop series and Crisis Zone. Instead of those, we got Mad Dog McCree and Target Terror...

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@wobee - out of curiosity, have you played either of the two previous Deadspace games? I only say this cause I know two people (who have) who bought the iPhone version and they said it was horribly watered down, didn't control well and generally felt like a shell of the "real" games. Both have iPhone 4.

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Swerd_Murd wrote:

@wobee - out of curiosity, have you played either of the two previous Deadspace games? I only say this cause I know two people (who have) who bought the iPhone version and they said it was horribly watered down, didn't control well and generally felt like a shell of the "real" games. Both have iPhone 4.

I've played DS 1 and 2, but not the iPhone. Again, it's more the fact that they would even try to make a full DS game on a puny little phone, and not on the Wii.



I've played many through borrowed copies but only own one - Ghost Squad Wii . I love that game. I have the brilliant Link's Crossbow Training as well, but that isn't ALL on-rails (it is for the most part)


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If you count Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, then I believe that that's the best on-rails shooter for Wii. BIT.TRIP FATE is pretty good, too.

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I have

8/10 - Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
9/10 - Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
9/10 - Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies
8/10 - The House of the Dead OVERKILL
7/10 - Link's Crossbow Training

6/10 - 530 Eco Shooter (a 3/10 if this was on retail)

I still have to get Dead Space Extraction. It's hard to get the uncut UK version in Germany (I don't buy the edited official German version) and The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Returns isn't released in Germany at all. Hope to find it somewhere. I'm not quite sure about Ghost Squad. Found it cheap but wasn't convinced to get it. Looks bad.


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