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My son is finally old enough and interested in playing games with Nunchuk, i bought one recently, it plays very smooth and after some time it started disconnecting suddenly while playing, suddenly in the middle of the game we get an error on the tv that says (Please connect Nunchuk) unpluging and re-plugging doesn't solve this problem continues to happen, every 2 seconds it disconnect and then reconnect.

And that's why i bought a second new nunchuk, tried it with all the 3 Remotes i have same issue.

turned off console, pressed and held the Sync button for 15 seconds, to flush the Sync, changed batteries in the remote, reconnected everything is fine but still dissconnecting.

I played different games which requires nunchuk problem is still there

It's worth noting that the remote itself doesn't disconnect, i mean playing a game that doesn't require a Nunchuk it plays so smooth no issues at all.

Any solution please ?



Are you sure it's well connected? Are the wiimotes and/or nunchucks official Nintendo products? Is there anything inside the connectors in the wiimote or nunchuck that could cause interference?

Try inserting the thin part of the wiimote's leash into the little clip in the nunchuck's connector to make it a bit more stable.

In my many years of using wiimotes, I've never seen that message appear.

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I've only ever had official Wii Remotes and Nunchuks/Classic Controllers and I got that message at least once during every play session after a couple years (had the controllers and console since..iunno, 2008 maybe)
It usually works fine again once I reconnect the thing long did you have the Remotes? Nintendo controllers are usually really solid but get really stupid quirks like that over time (apart from the SNES Pad...that thing is indestructible, mine are as old as it gets and the things work flawlessly and...this isn't helping)

If you can, try to ask someone if they can borrow you theirs to try different remotes or buy one if you can find a cheap-ish one (most places should let you return them in case it doesn't work either, if you're not waiting, like, a month to do that)

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I figured out the problem was my Nunchuk isn't original, i bought it and thought it's original, it got the original packing and everything...
i bought an original one and it's working perfectly, thanks for your reply.



I had the same problem with my wii console a while ago, while playing the nunchuck was disconnecting.
I resolved the problem fairly simple, I took a rubber band used for money wound it on the connector of the nunchuck and then insert it into the remote, the tension made betwen the remote and the conector was enough to keep the connector still.
Please note that method works only if the nunchuck cable is not broken and the nunchuck is fully functional.



I have the same issue.
When my children were younger, they pulled the cable when finishing a round in Mario Kart. So controls are a bit used.
But I will try the rubber band, It is a good idea.


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