Topic: NPC may seem cheap, but it can be a good thing.

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Many people hate NPC because they think it is just a cheap way to make money (which it is). Though I like it, I cant play pikmin without it. And it can help get the new gamers who bought the wii to be able to play "core" games with the controls they love. And when Nintendo makes sequels, it is going to sell extremely well and they wil make more sequels.



You can't play Pikmin without it? You don't have access to the internet? (Oh wait... lol)

And going on your sales thing, who's to say if these things don't sell great Nintendo will continue releasing remakes, since they're so easy to make?

It's a slippery slope I'd rather not see but we won't know the full effects of NPC games until they've all been released for quite some time.



Yup, I don't mind the NPC idea. It's a bit of a shame that they did it for Mario Tennis, since it really is a button game. From what I've heard, the motion sucks for it. The rest were sound ideas, though. Being able to re-experience Metroid Prime 1 with better controls sounds amazing, and being able to play DK Jungle Beat without annoying the people around you is great as well. I played Pikmin, and it controlled well, but I didn't enjoy the game itself that much.



Oh dear, another NPC thread. I agree?
lol, it's entirely possible that there could be positive and negative effects of releasing NPC titles. That's what makes the topic interesting...and apparently controversial.

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I agree with Alex Says....

Nintendo has no plans to release new games guys, wake up. They sold out to the casuals. Its so damn easy to make Windwaker 1.5 than to make a new Zelda, they will never put the work in. It sickens me that so mnay people have bought these games, and I am espeically mad about the success of Wii SPorts and Wii Fit, because they are not sandbox games or first person shooters.

The full effects of NPC will cause a market crash that will make the early 1980's seem like child's play. Wake me up when it is over, and I can hold my head up again. First it was the purple lunch box, and now it is hollow 'success.' Nintendo has no soul - I mean that literally.

Hardcore, casual = marketing. The real divide is between arcade and narrative games.


eugenewrayburn wrote:

I am espeically mad about the success of Wii SPorts and Wii Fit, because they are not sandbox games or first person shooters.

Good point. Especially since Nintendo doesn't normally make those kinds of games anyway.

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