Topic: Nintendo still manufacturing Wii/Accessories?

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Is Nintendo still manufacturing the Wii and it's accessories!? I bought a classic controller pro the other day, and Walmart was all out and Gamestop only had one left. I also didn't see many Wii consoles at Walmart, and Gamestop seems to be out of stock on there website for new Wii bundles. I'm just concerned that this stuff will be hard to come by in the near future.

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I doubt accessories will be hard to come by. The Wii U needs to use Wiimotes and nunchuks as secondary controllers. Nintendo is going to have to keep making classic controllers too if the Wii U runs in a "Wii mode" to play our old Wii and VC games. I thought I heard Reggie say in a past Nintendo Direct that Wiimotes in new packaging would be in stores by Christmas. Maybe that transition is all you're seeing. my pants.


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