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Hi, I bought a Nintendo eShop card today for my Wii to play some Retro games with some friends, I got to a point when the code is entered and it shows "25€" and "2500 Points". I choose Redeem and get the error code 205568.

Some background information- I use to live in England when I got the Wii, a few years ago i moved to Germany and this is the first time I have tried the Wii Shop. Also I entered a code from the Club Nintendo account for 100 Wii points using Stars to buy it. This code worked with no problems.

The card itself DOES say it is for Wii-Shop-Channel. There is the chance that when i bought it the store did not activate it as they were meant to? I does say on the back translated- "Till this is paid for, this card has no worth".

I have sent Nintendo a Email explaining the problem but im not expecting a response anytime soon.

Any help would be great.




eShop cards work on the Wii U and 3DS only. You need a nintendo points card for the Wii Shop and DSi Shop.



It says on the card itself it works for the Wii-Shop, Nintendo DSI shop or Nintendo eShop.



eShop cards are for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS and DSi as its clearly stated on the front of the card.
(Maybe you simply have to try it again. Or turn your location to "Germany".)

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I took that into consideration, that's why i got the 100 wii point card from the Club to check it. It's why I was confused so much when the code the site gave me worked and not the one i bought.



That is weird. You might have to wait a couple of hours then try again. Or wait for Nintendo to reply. Bit of a pain really.

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Had the same problem. You need to change the region on your console to the region of where you bought the card.


in future, best just use a debit or credit card.

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