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The only safe thing to do at this point is...

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yesterday was the only day i ever used my internet browser i use my iphone and my laptop but i hated the wii browser it sucks its slow



I don't care if it's a wiiwarewave thingamabob, I call fake. The browser doesn't seem like a place that stuff could happen.

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VincentV wrote:

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VincentV wrote:

What the hell? If this is true, hackers suck even more now that they got every single console. I use my Wii browser for YouTube because it's way easier to navigate than my Xbox 360's YouTube app - even w/ Kinect. Hopefully this is just a rumor.


What do you expect. With home console like the Wii and Xbox and PS3 becomeing more and more like computers it was only a matter of time.


Well, that's true. D**n d-bag hackers. I hate them. I spent my Microsoft points a bit faster than I usually would have, just because having them sitting around is like asking for them to be stolen by a hacker. Now my Wii can be spied on. Great. No thing like anti-virus either. Something tells me that that will be another similarity gaming systems will one day share w/ computers - anti-virus. Another thing to worry about. Oh well, like you said, it was a matter of time.

Well they have it on Smartphones now so I wouldn't be surprised if not this coming gen but the gen after that they have Anti-viruses on gaming consoles. As far as MP points go I just buy the cards and leave them in a drawer until I am ready to use them no sense in having them on the system if I am not going to use them.

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I know this is going to sound wrong, but maybe, if Nintendo sees this, they will release an update for the browser. It's just not very good for me.

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There is no major virus guys, at least not a new one that just appeared.

I googled it and this was the only site that mentioned a virus going around.

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@TheDreamingHawk: That was why i originally asked for links proving it; all the stuff i dug up was old questions asked in like 2006. there was nothing new to be found, lol. i do believe this thread is over for now.

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