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As Skyward Sword comes closer and closer, I cannot help but fantasize about what the game will be like. The graphics don't mean much to me and it looks like the motion controls will be pretty solid, but what about the story/premise? Will we be traveling through time 7 years in the future to a changed world? Or will there be a living world with people who have problems to be solved and a moon falling in three days? As awesome as these concepts are, I am hoping Nintendo blows us away when we don't think it can get any better.

I am not sure how to send Nintendo my ideas and even if I did, I don't think they would actually read them or pay any attention to them so i am posting them here. Feel free to give me feedback and let me know if these ideas would be good or not.

DAY/NIGHT SYSTEM: I am not just talking about the casual rise and setting of the sun. I am talking about a world that drastically changes from night and day. Give the game a clock/timer just like MM and watch the mildly dangerous hyrule field of day turn into a nightmare during the night. Clearly, I am inspired by pikmin. I want night time to be something to be feared, as the sun sets I want an "I Am Legend" effect. I want creatures to come out of the ground, fierce beasts to come out of caves, I want to be frightened. I want to feel like I need to find somewhere safe to stay the night. As you shut the door of your home for the night you should hear the beasts outside, maybe even bang on the walls. Maybe this is a little too much but it is certainly something I'd have a lot of fun with.

MORE INTERESTING HOME: What has been the purpose of our house besides a spawn point since ALTTP? Nothing. Wouldn't it be cool if we could store rupees, rare loot, and other items in our house? Wouldn't it be awesome if we could upgrade it, make it larger, or maybe decorate it the way we like it? This would be a simple but fun thing to do on the side. Not interesting enough for ya? How about the ability to build a defense system for your house to fire arrows at the creatures of the night? I think a little Tower Defense should be in every game

PARALLEL UNIVERSE: Ok ok we had something like this between OoT and MM but I am thinking about taking this further. Stepping into a portal and entering a world that appears the same at first glance but is completely different would really throw the player for a loop. This would be the perfect thing to stumble across at the end of the game and discover a whole new adventure. Characters in the game would lead different lives complete with new personalities, dungeons could be moved around and/or changed entirely. Hidden Caves and other secrets would be fun to track down again. A great way to add replay value to a game that typically has none.

I could go on and on but this is the best I can come up with off the top of my head. What do you think? Got any better ideas? Also, for those that remember me, it's great to be back

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The day/night idea sounds a tad spooky for a Zelda game, but if done correctly it would be neat (the whole time I read that, I couldn't help thinking about Sonic Unleashed and it's day/night system). Also, night in OoT caused Stalchildren to rise from the ground while you were a child. Nighttime in Majora's Mask's Termina Field causes an outbreak of Blue Bubbles. Things like that have been done before, but not to the extent you mention.

I like the house idea. Been playing Animal Crossing lately? But, I know what you mean about a useless house. In Twilight Princess, there are all sorts of doodads and things hanging on the walls and sitting on tables in your house, but none of it is important in the slightest.

The third idea seems to be a lot like the second quest in the original Zelda, or the Dark World in ALTTP. I wouldn't mind seeing that kind of stuff again, though.

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That is all.

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@MegaStoneSmash91: Hey thanks for the feed back! Ya, night time doesn't necessarily need to be spooky, just difficult. And as for the parallel universe, I am looking for something similar to quest 2 in the original but I want the ability to go back and forth between the two at will. Just talking to the characters and seeing the change in personality would be interesting enough, especially after playing through the game and getting to know them a certain way. Also, it would be awesome if they made the puzzles brutally hard the second time around. Linking all the best free online games to you!


You're ideas are absolutely great! At nighttime, the difficulty level should be ramped clearly up, so that it would be actually hard to stay alive in the open. Too bad that the latest Zelda games have been way too easy.

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Fantastic ideas, ShadowSniper! I think they're all great.

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There is a thread here for everyone to post Skyward Sword stuff; feel free to add your ideas there. :3

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