Topic: Moving Your Arms: Samba de Amigo vs We Cheer vs Helix

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How do you all feel they compare in terms of design, workout, and execution?



I have to say that I haven't played any of these, but I can't wait for Major Minors Majestic March which looks to follow in similar footsteps.

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They can be fun for a while, but once the sweat patches start emerging its fun for no-one!

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^ But how do they compare? Sorry, I have not played any of them.

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Neither is great, but Samba is definitely the better of the two. Much better music, more game modes, better graphics and (for the first half of the game, at least) better controls. Helix is full of faceless techno tunes and you can waggle your entire way through.



I've only played Helix and Samba and I love them both. Helix is better in execution but Samba has more content overall. If only Samba's DLC would get supported more... >_>



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