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Which one do u think is better?

IMO I think that moh is better bc of it's 32 freindcodeless online play



I agree. Really like MoHH2 (smooth as), were as CoD does me head in!!

Hope Modern Warfare 2 comes to wii as hinted. Sick of World War II.

But then, in theory, we'll all be playing Conduit. Mmmmmmm!



World at war has a greater gameplay than MOH in my opinion but MOH has more capacity for online players but the servers for moh:hh are canceled so yeah waw



I absolutely hated the visuals in WaW. Muddy textures that made it hard to see enemies really brought down the game for me. The gameplay was ok though.

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Heroes 2 is a great game. It has on rail shooter and traditional walk shooter. I like it a lot and it has online too

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