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I saw a new bit on IGN giving the official UK release date as 24 April and I'm pretty jazzed that an off-beat Japanese title like this is being brought over here (sorry N.A. region folk; maybe you can pester some small publishers there?), so I'm hoping other people that are into this kind of thing will turn out and buy the game.

The only place I've found it so far is (also linked from the company website) for £24.99 which is the "auto-buy" price point for me generally. No listings on GAME, but I suppose that could change in the next couple of weeks. I've already mailed these guys to ask if they'd consider other Success titles like Shanghai (disc release published by Sunsoft in Japan, which I already own) or Akko de Pon! (a mahjong game tied to a manga series, also published by Sunsoft in Japan, which I don't have...yet), or even, dare I say it, Captain Rainbow?

The simple fact is that if games like this don't sell publishers won't even take notice of them and I'm really pleased to see a company make the effort. Even better all the Japanese music and text appears to be intact with only some dialogue dubbing.

I fully intend to get this upon release. Videos have been well distributed on the net, but you can see the trailer on the Amazon listing for the game:

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This looks a bit like that Mr Dominoe game that was on the PS1, except you run over the dominoes?

How do you play this?




Well I found a YouTube video on this...

from what I can tell the game has an Osu Tatakae Ouedan/Elite Beat Agents theme to it where people need help with random thing as Minon Runs into the scene to the rescue, in Japanese ninja like style, screw running on the ground, he needs to step on things. be it people, buildings, blades of grass, etc, every so often you need to make a decision on where to go next, this is where Minon has nothing else to step on, so you lay down dominos for him to run on, but you have to decide quick before he loses balance.

Unique game for certain, wonder if it will be as good as Katamari Damacy or Gittaro Man?




as much as I like OTO/EBA, i honestly think i would give that a shot if they ever give it a NA release.

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