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NTSC, I'm American. And darn... wonder why they region locked that. One more question, can I trade with people who have the normal MP3 game and not the Trilogy or does it only work with the Trilogy since that's the one I have?

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I'm NTSC! I'll trade. My FC is: 7004-0897-7160-9648. I'll do it on Friday so save those Vouchers.

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so @ Metroidlink,
when will you send me the last 2 friend vouchers? i already send you the needed 15!!!
there are plenty of ways to farm em, for example on a new save u can get 10x at once just in startlevel olympus -› just shoot the endless waves at the energy cell.
So i need +2 vouchers, anyone got the mercy to share em on pal trilogy?!
Sure i could find some to spare too ...



Oh yeah sorry I will send them tomorrow, I have 3 now

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I've been looking for friend codes for way too long now, could someone please send me some friend vouchers? I have many to send
Here is my friend code:
7704 8618 7010 7400



@Ideal_Hero I have added you now.
I have 14 vouchers to send, although i'll probably be going on a spree of finding more soon



Actually, I need it, too.
But, sadly, I was trying to add you, but I having problems with my Wii connection. Any suggestion?



Click on the envelope in the corner of the Wii main menu. When that is brought up, select the Wii address book. There it will list your friend code and give you the option to add friend codes. Make sure your Wii is connected to your internet source as well.

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@Ideal_Hero Dude, I´m very sorry, but I can´t connect my Wii to internet. It recognizes my network, but there be some problem with the settings of my router, or something like that.
Again, I´m sorry!



@Ideal_Hero yeah we seem to have connected properly because you're a registered friend on the wii menu. I have my WiiConnect24 configured both on the wii system as well as the game. You're the same, it says you dont have any saved data of Metroid Prime Trilogy either



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