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Wondering if someone can help me out. I don't own a wii however interested in the wii u. I wanted to get Metroid Prime Trilogy considering it's backward compatible, but I have a question about the controls. Is there a way to change the shoot button to the trigger on the wii mote instead of the default A button I think it is. Just makes it more immersive when you using a trigger.


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You cqn switch the B button and a button. On the options screen you locate "switch jump-fire" and select yes. I personally use the A button for shooting but either way, it is one of the greatest games of all time.

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thanks pancakez

on topic i find it more comfy to shoot with A , mostly because its better for me to push A longer times for the charged shot.

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MH4 online thread

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So finally im nearly at end of mp3.
Seems that you need loads of boni credits to unlock all. oO
Mostly im missing yellow and greens.
I guess you have to finish it on three different modes to get all yellows.
So what was your fav part / planet or boss in the game?
Both ridley fights were awesome. Though the first in the gen tube felt abit cheap. Presentation top, but on veteran diff he died pretty fast.
Do you fella hunters have already unlocked everything?
I'm missing lots of songs and art stuff.
The dioramas are cute.
Btw what does the reptile hold in hands in second diorama?


MH4 online thread

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Awesome, so you can use the trigger to shoot then. This makes the purchase even easier now.

Thank you.

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diim wrote:

Awesome, so you can use the trigger to shoot then. This makes the purchase even easier now..

With the amount of shooting you do in the game, you are just asking for carpal tunnel by switching to "B" to shoot.

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Thanks for the warning.

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Wait, what's with all the Prime Trilogy threads? Did they rerelease it?

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Not sure if they are re-releasing this to the WiiU. I just want to play the original trilogy that was released for the Wii on the WiiU. Confusing eh? (LOL sorry)

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