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Aaaahhhh I was definitely on the fence about this game and I would certainly pick it up for $20.... BUT I can't buy stuff for myself right before Christmas.

Although I don't think anybody is buying it for me so maybe I can.



sin and punishment 2 is going for the same price. it'd be nice to have the patience to wait until the end of the year and pick up all these amazing games for nothing, but it was totally worth preordering them all at full price to be able to play them right away and then some.

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If you've been on the fence about this one, now is the time to buy. $20 is a great price for this massively entertaining, action-packed and edge-of-your-seat intense game.

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For an alternative perspective, I don't think Other M is worth $20. I borrowed my brother's copy, and having not spent a dime on it, still found it to be a huge disappointment. Both of the conflicting Wiimote control styles were a drag--we've been using analog sticks for three generations now for a reason, and the whole point to enter first person deal means trying to figure out where the hell the camera has whipped to then shooting at the glowing thing (any glowing thing)--the gameplay entirely linear and artificially extended with object searches you can find better versions of on WiiWare (or the nearest bookstore), the plot and characterisation dull and offensive, and the endless T&A shots of Samus wandering around in her Zero Suit just plain in bad taste.

If what you want in your Metroid is some MOR action, lots of fanservice, endless middle-school journalising from your protagonist, and to be forced from A to B at all times in what amounts to a slightly interactive movie (and get this; it even features a theater mode which literally plays the entire game for you), then you'll probably love Metroid: Other M. That's great, I won't give you a hard time if this is the kind of experience you want in a game, but if you're anything like me you'll spend your time playing trying to ignore its many, many faults, but ultimately failing with the realisation that the game doesn't actually do anything to earn your good faith. Boo hiss.

If you've been on the fence, think about why that is, and whether a price drop actually impacts how you'll feel about the game while playing it. If a game is poor, are you getting a bargain because you're not paying full price for it? Isn't it still a poor game? If you're concerned you wouldn't like the game, it might just be that you wouldn't like the game. No price point is going to change that.

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@Kid_A, vaguerant, anyone else fixin' to weigh in about this game: there are at least two other major threads where the opinions and back-and-forth have been done to death, as well as the recent mainsite article. take the wrangling to one of those spots and have it out there if you like; we don't need yet another thread devolving into it.

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