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All I can say is that I loved the controls for the game. Turning the Wii Remote and switching to FPS was like magic, and was the first and only use of this novelty.

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@Sanquine @rukiriot Eh, the article had some grammar issues, and it didn't really bring up anything I or anyone else on the Internet hasn't read or thought of before. But decent nonetheless.

An argument one could bring up regarding Samus not activating her Varia Suit in the "Hell Run" sequence, is that she wanted to redeem herself to Adam on the Bottle Ship. She was rebellious towards Adam during her early Galactic Federation days and when she randomly encountered him on the Bottle Ship, she could have seen it as miraculous opportunity to make up for or atone for those days in the form of unwavering obedience to his orders.

The controls were excellent, and I agree with @dumedum that I had zero issues switching from third- to first-person. Switching kind of added to the tension of the game as well. Switching meant sacrificing mobility to save time by killing enemies faster. In order to fire those missiles with certain enemies or bosses you needed to make that adjustment and risk. I agree the "pixel hunt"/"Where's Waldo" segments sucked, but once they were over they were over. I wish the cutscenes were not as melodramatic/cheesy. Jessica Martin could do a lot better in a Metroid scenario but with a different/better direction; it just needs to happen.

Also some of the music was quite good. Ridley theme, Mystery Creature theme, Rhedogian theme, Cyrosphere theme, Approaching Sector Zero, Tracking the Deleter, Briefing, Super Metroid theme...all excellent tracks.

It wasn't a bad game, in fact it was a lot of fun. I just don't like being forced to watch cutscenes that make me cringe.

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