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Hi there. Today I copied my Skyward sword and Mario Galaxy files to an SD card on my Wii. When i went to Wii mode on my Wii u to use the save files on, it wouldn't allow me, what gives? 🤥



@InternetBowser For a reason I don't understand, you have to have played the game on Wii U first, maybe even make a save file, I can't remember precisely, so may as well do it. Only then will it allow the transfer from the SD card of your Wii file. But it should work fine after that.

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@gcunit that's super helpful. Nintendo defying logic once more! Haha. Thank you so much my friend i appreciate your help. I will give that a try. I really can't be bothered bringing out the Wii just to finish Super Mario Galaxy. I have Galaxy 2 there waiting to be played but i am going to be hooked on Breath of the Wild for a while 🤣



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