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Here is a developer talk on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and man that game looks like it's a lot of fun to play. I am a huge Marvel fan, and I love the previous games (X-men, MUA).What do you guys think?

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I can't go to that link while I am at work, but I have seen lots of video of this game. It looks freaking AWESOME. I am definately going to be playing with my avatar quite a bit in this game



Heck yes! i want to see this game use fusion, especially what the wii can do with it... mwa ha ha, jk... OR AM I??

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That does look cool; don't we already have a thread for this game though?

If Dr. Strange is in it I'm sold; hopefully the Wii version will compare as well as the first one did to the other two platforms. Nice to see characters running around outside and that they've kept a similar look-and-feel to the first game.

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