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Mario Party 9 is so much fun! I purchased it on the release date (March 11). I have played it for dozens of hours. I completed everything and purchased everything. I will get around to playing it again! I love everything about it. I really enjoy all of the board maps and the mini-games. The music is soothing and memorable. I highly recommend Mario Party 9!

What do you think? I can't wait for Mario Party 10!

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I've had it since launch day as well,but considering I hardly ever have people playing with me,playing Mario Party 9 on me lonesome was an okay experience,but I should think it's brilliant with a few more friends.

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I for one really enjoyed it, but it also angers me at the same time...if that makes any sense. I like the minigames and the concept....I HAAAAATTEE the amount of luck in this game though. For example, the things that kill half of your mini stars on most boards (well all except the first). This and Fortune Street...great games. Really can be...but the luck just destroys me....I mean, how can I win almost every single minigame, and still loose by a long shot? I also think that winning first in a minigame, should be more of a rewards, instead of 1st getting five, then 2nd place getting 2 or 3 as well. That's too close of an amount I think. Anyway, enough complaining cause besides that, it's really can be fun.

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Thanks for the replies! I hope that others will post.


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The minigames are a ton of fun in multiplayer of course, but all the changes they made were for the worse, specially that everyone travels on the same car, killing ALL the strategy of the game. Luck decides way too much.
The graphics are good, but the music is TERRIBLE.
Oh, and "Solo mode" is torture.


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Minigame mode is fun, but the game is based to much on luck. The bosses are ok for the most part, but sometimes can be a little unfair. There is a boss where you just pick a number and hope that the boss doesn't attack you. The stages and cars are great, except the lava stage can be annoying.
By the way, does anyone find it weird how on solo mode, Bowser sometimes steals stars from his minions and gives them to you?

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