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Hi guys here's the situation, I've always been a Nintendo lover! I get most consoles during a generation but the Nintendo offering is usually my-go-to- console! With the Gamecube I used to take great pleasure playing games that my other friends hadn't heard (tales of symphonia, skies of arcadia, viewtiful joe, metroid etc) of while they toiled away with Halo and Fifa!

Anyway this generation with the Wii I'm ashamed to say I became frustrated with it, I wasn't one for the controls and there seemed to be no games that took my fancy, so for the first time my nintendo console took a backseat! UNTIL NOW, with the Wii-U on the horizon I now realise there's an absolute plethora of games to get through that have completely passed me by!

Here's my poor collection : Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. Mario Kart, Tenchu, Super Paper Mario, Metroid other M, New SMB, Metroid Corruption, Twilight, Skyward and Donkey Kong Returns!

I've ordered Boy and his Blob and Madworld to start on the games I've missed out on, are these good choices? Anyways hit me with the games I must get before this generation ends and I lose out forever! Thanks In advance! x



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