Topic: I've never played any of the Pikmin games. Will I be missing anything if I start with Pikmin 2?

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Thanks for all the additional comments, everyone. I haven't been back on here in about a week and a half. It seems like one person has said that it's absolutely critical that I play Pikmin (1) first, where as pretty much everyone else has said it's not that important. I'm a little confused, but I still haven't picked up either game yet, so I may still end up finding and playing the original first. I don't know, though... I'm working on a huge backlog right now. We'll see.

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You'll be missing the better game, imho.





This comes from a huge fan:

Story-wise, no. The first was very light on story and the entire thing is summarized in the opening of Pikmin 2. Gameplay, you miss a great game, although in my opinion the first is much harder due to the 30 day limit. It wouldn't make much difference if you played them out of order (or never even played the first), but I do recommend playing the first at some point, it's much shorter but it's incredibly fun.

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Philip_J_Reed wrote:

You'll be missing the better game, imho.


Master, I predict there's a 85% chance anyone who makes a text heavy tutorial should be fired.

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There are very few sequels that I can say are strictly better than the originals.

I really cant say that's true for gaming. For movies, possibly - but not games. There are hundreds of games which had superior sequels.

But strictly better sequels? Of course tons of sequels are better, but there's usually a few things that people will say "yeah, the first game had _____ which I really enjoyed and wish they had kept". I can't really say there is anything in Pikmin 1 that would cause me to say that.

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Being the huge Pikmin crazed fan that I am, I suggest playing the first one. If for nothing else do it for chronological's sake. While like Mario it doesn't have much story, there is still something about playing a series in the correct sequence. If you play 2 now, you'll not be used to not having all the extra features when you play 1. In fact you may not even want to play though 1 since it's so downgraded compared to 2. Trust me, play 1 first if possible.


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