Topic: Is there a Wii upgrade yet?

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Sadly, there is NO way to play Wii games on Switch since there is NO Disc drive whatsoever inside the Switch.
But, having BOTH Wii U and Switch is better than just only having one, right ?

I have so many Nintendo machines, such as White NDS Lite, White Wii, White New 3DS XL, Pink & White Old 3DS XL and Black Wii U. Later, i will buy Switch to expand my gaming Kingdom. I use NDS Lite for GBA games, 3DS XL for both 3DS & NDS games, Wii for both Wii and Gamecube games, Wii U for both Wii U and Wii games.
Btw, i'm 33 years old guy from Indonesia.

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4. Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS (9 / 10)
5. ARMS (8 / 10)

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Wow, quite the Nintendo junky ☺️.
I think I will stick with just the one, I just need to make it's the right one. No, I guessed the old Wii games wouldn't be compatible with the Switch.



It all comes down to how the games are played and what control schemes games will be built for. The Wii U didn't have a Wii style control scheme out of the box. Those were optional. The way they got around it was by basically just assuming you had a Wii Remote. But even so, most Wii U games were built on an assumption that you were probably not using those controllers.

With the Switch you have what are essentially the next generation of Wii Remotes in the box. So if you build a game around motion controls everyone with a Switch can play it out of the box. But at the same time, the Switch is also a portable system. A fair chunk of people playing it won't be playing it anywhere near the TV. If you're playing a game in bed or on a plane Wii Sports probably isn't the game you are looking for.

To put it simply, the picture in my head when I think of the Wii is probably of a couple of people playing Wii Sports. Which makes sense because that's how it was promoted. When I think of the Wii U? I think of someone playing a game on the GamePad because someone else is using the TV. Again, that's how the Wii U was promoted. But with the Switch this is the image that comes into my head.....

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Ok, so a Switch it is then, sorted! 😛



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