Topic: is the last story for wii good?

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I liked The Last Story more, because of the characters that were older (more mature themes), the story, the battle system, and the main city that I really enjoyed.
But Xenoblade is just way bigger, there's much more to do and see, and it has that unbelievable soundtrack.

Pandora's Tower is a 3D-Castlevanizelda with RPG elements. There's just a small hub and apart from the 3 main characters there are no other NPC's at all (very lonely feeling), the main part of the game is really just dungeons (puzzles and monsters). In comparison to TLS and XBC it's shorter, with less pleasing visuals and most music being ambient or rearranged classics. The fixed camera positions focus on important stuff but can be confusing, so you'll often have to switch to the map to find out where you are/where to go. And the time limit (feed monstermeat to the girl before she turns into a mutant demon) certainly adds lots of tension. Pandora's Tower is a good game, a different experience, more unique than most Zelda-wannabes, but apart from the really welldesigned dungeons and action-oriented gameplay it's just not on the same level as the other two games imo.


I thought The Last Story was good but on the whole it left me feeling a little unsatisfied. The biggest problem for me was the love story and its cast of largely unlikeable characters. The combat system has some very good ideas but I felt that it sometimes buckled under its own weight, especially when encountering particularly large numbers of enemies. Lovely visual design and nice music.



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