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And has the online fixed yet



The online isn't broken. It just sucks. Much like the single player, though I enjoy boss rush, but not for long.

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The story mode is ok, good for killing a couple of hours. But SSB has never been about single player.
The online is pretty pathetic though.

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In my opinion, no.


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You've got events and 100 man brawls. There's stuff to do. I enjoy it in single player

And besides, its a Nintendo love letter to its fans



If you enjoy bad, repetitive, slow level design littered with stupid, generic enemies, broken up by good, although obviously meshed/clashed/bundled cut scenes to show off a story that is complete garbage... Sure. It's good. That's just Subspace Emissary.

As for the other single player. Meh, it's what it is.

Don't expect the online to be fixed. Ever.

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Single player is fun, and the story mode is really well done, IMO.

But honestly, it's not that hard to get people to play it with you. If you have no friends or family, just go gather up some neighbor-kids.

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It's not the best that SSBB have, but it's still fun and yes it's not that bad as people say.

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yeah, sorry i didn't enjoy the single player game either. I found that at about 45 mins in i was totally bored. I found mario kart wii to be a much better game for both single and multiplayer.

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I love SSBB single player, but then I am addicted to collecting trophies and stickers, and absolutely love drooling over awesome cut-scenes of my favourite Nintendo characters. And since when did we start complaining about single player modes in fighters?!? It's a bonus in my eyes.

EDIT: I did play it entirely in co-op tho', apart from when going back through to 100% it.

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You're all crazy. Single-player's the only good part about this game. Of course, I imagine the co-op mode would be nice, but I can't play it with anybody…




Its worth it to see the cutscenes

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Half and half



Single player is meh. Repetitive levels and boring enemy design, and the last level is a chore. Only redeeming factors are that SE is the fastest way to get characters and it has some good cutscenes.

Online will never be good. Always pass. Playing terrible computer enemies is more fun than "playing" Super Smash Bros. Online Lag-Fest.

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LoopyLuigi wrote:

yeah, sorry i didn't enjoy the single player game either. I found that at about 45 mins in i was totally bored. I found mario kart wii to be a much better game for both single and multiplayer.

This was the same with me. I was excited to play and after about 1 hour I found myself drooling over how mundane and boring it truly was.

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I think yes. The Subspace Emissary should atleast be played once to unlock every character more quickly and to enjoy the great cutscenes. It´s funny in general, but not really as outstanding as the rest of the game.

The classic mode is very arcadish, the missions (unlocked later) are funny and the All-Star mode is also a nice addition to the game.

Comps can be a good challenge for a while, if you are new to the series. I like to pick my favorites and do 5-10 1vs1 brawls against lvl 9 comps on a daily routine.

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