Topic: Is Ghostbusters out yet?

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Because i'm seeing commercials saying "Now Available". I'm pretty sure I remember reading it would be out Tuesday...



I saw that IGN game it a 7.8. Some were saying that it should have been a solid 8. Sounds like the Wii version of this game is the way to go. Good for us........... for once!

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Nope, next week I think. (For the US) Can't wait to get my hands on it. The graphical style is perfect.



it comes out June 16, this tuesday

i'm going to the midnight release with a friend who is buying the game


@Greyelephant - They didn't rate the Wii version (6.5) as high as the ps3 and 360 (8 and 7 -2nd opinion) in Game Informer. They thought it was "a little flat" and "not the Real Ghostbusters experience."
I hope it's good and that they're just full of crap.
We're getting the Wii version, But I'm going to wait till my fiance comes over Wednesday to play it with her, Since we were looking forward to it.

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it comes out tomorrow (June 16th) in the USA and June 19th for the PS3 and PS2 in Europe. Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PSP don't have a release date yet. Well I'm probably gonna buy it on PS3 because it's gonna be a graphics-fest with all those plasmabeams and all the stuff

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Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


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