Topic: I heard 'It's My Birthday' was a Crysis mod...and that it turned metal to gold.

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This game looks amazing!

Talk about raising the bar on video entertainment! After pre-ordering the game on every major online electronic distributor website, I got an email from the developers stating the game would contain virtual candle-blowing!

The It's My Birthday VirtuCandleWindTunnel is supposed to release alongside the game for 19.99. I can't wait! Throughout my neglect-filled childhood, I wished only for a tiny flame I could dominate via the power of breath, and now, thanks to the pure magic that is the Nintendo Wii, my childhood dreams will be fulfilled!

My favorite feature of the game, however, has to be the DLC-remixes of the Birthday song. Released by Square Enix, each song remix is approximately 1 minute and costs 1000 Wii Points....steep I know, but considering that you'll be playing it every year until you die, that's a good 70 minutes of content for only 1000 points! That's almost as good a value as a movie ticket!

It's too bad that the Pikmin Bikini Beach Volleyball add-on isn't gonna be ready in time for retail release...I was really looking forward to Thong Olimar singing me a happy space-birthday...oh well, it'll be in the expansion, 'It's Actually Still My Birthday"

-Swerd Murd

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Yes,and they plan on remaking Superman 64 for WiiWare. What is this world coming to?



Oh man, Superman 64 on the Wii ftw!

"Solve my maze...with New Play Control!!"




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