Topic: How many people who actually own more than a Wii think that motion controls make FPS's more accurate?

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kyuubikid213 wrote:

It actually works quite well for me. I can do slight movements.

Sometimes I feel like paying you guys to package up your Nintendo products and send them to me, just so I can see which of us is crazy.

Well if anything I'm glad you have enjoyed your experience.



I don't have any other console at the moment but I have played FPS since they were born on PC with Wolfenstein 3D.

The pointer is the best control method if you have high accuracy / a steady hand.
If not, it's still the most realistic option.

Huh, I just imagined a hunter in the woods, sitting on the ground, trying to shoot deer with a mouse and keyboard.
Nah, that option is for wheelchair soldiers, PC only freaks.

Dual analog is oldschool. As for accuracy, the worst decision.
For people with coffee problems probably the best decision though.

So you see, something for everyone.
However, playing FPS on Wii is the "coolest" option as it's closer to reality than the other controls. Apart from that it leaves no doubt about who's good at real aiming. All your keyboardmouse and dualshock achievements in FPS mean nothing to me.


Well said!
I lol'd about the hunter in the woods. It would be even funnier if he was rotating his thumbs on a couple of sticks. Man i can just see it now, a real zombie outbreak taking place in our world with gamers whipping out their Mice and keyboard and "phew-ing" them all down. lol

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AlexSays wrote:

lmao I can't believe people still use the "Oh but it's realistic" thing.

Yes aiming a remote at the TV is so much like holding a gun and actually shooting. Sometimes when I'm watching action movies, I'll point my TV remote at the screen and pretend I'm taking down the bad guys.

One time my remote even recoiled and hit me right in the face!

Saying that its not realistic enough and lacks things like weight and recoil doesn't help your argument. The point is that its more realistic than the other schemes because you're actualyy holding and aiming 1:1. So relatively its the most realistic.



I do. I can't stand analog shooters, they're way to slow and that really kills the game for me.

Mouse and Keyboard will always be the best though.

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19Robb92 wrote:

Mouse and Keyboard will always be the best though.

This forever.

Also Alex, please never leave again. I missed you.


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I prefer the Wii Remote option, for me it just works. I point where I want on the screen and it goes there instantly, job done. However there are a few problems with this method, when you're playing online and you get lag, your cursor is done for! It's pretty much bouncing around like it's on a trampoline. Some devs have made this concept very well (Treyarch for Call of Duty...) and others not so much (EuroCom for GoldenEye)...

Treyarch did a very good job because you can adjust the controls to however you want them. Faster? Covered! More stable? Covered! Create a personal button layout for yourself? Covered!

EuroCom however went another route... they gave you ADS Snap because the controls to aim down the sights was pretty much god awful. Snap straight on to a target, fire, move on. You couldn't even create your own button layout and had to choose from various made button layouts. It just didn't work.

The keyboard and mouse is a tried and true method of playing FPS games, did Nintendo expand on this? Maybe, maybe not, it depends on your preference. However, after using the Wii Remote and nunchuk combo for all of the FPS games I've played, I just can't use dual-analog anymore. It feels clunky, slow and really atrocious. I can still use it, just not very well and instead of being precise it just goes all over the screen. :/

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well i got Metroid Prime Trilogy for wii and sold my original gc prime's just for the motuon control. and the same with Twilight Princess that game has a lot o shooting items

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I am not sure if enjoyed Metroid Prime more on a GCN controller or Wiimote but Resident Evil 4 was absolutely (More) awesome with a Wii arguments!



I prefer motion controls,cause I'm a noob.

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As someone who uses guns on a weekly basis it always brings a smile to my face when people people say that the wiimote is a "realistic" control scheme.

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Wiimote controls make a world of difference if you're playing and fps. Metroid Prime Trilogy is the prime (lol) example. Although motion controls are the best, I do play TF2 with a mouse and keyboard and I know Waveboy, but mouse and keyboard>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>dual analog.

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I've played first-person games on Wii, Mac, PC and I tried out Portal 2 on a friend's Xbox. Of the three I prefer the Wii - it has nothing to do with accuracy, but comfort, but I'm happy with a mouse and keyboard. The gamepad felt the most unnatural and that was in a game where nothing is trying to kill you; I cannot imagine trying to play one where you needed to shoot anything. Actually I did play Jedi Knight for Gamecube and it was bloody horrific, so without a doubt I'm not using a gamepad to play that style of game. Using keyboard keys for strafing and movement is acceptable, but lacks flow and I don't like resting my hands on anything when I'm trying to play a game. I don't even like playing a pinball game with keyboard controls; feels too much like I'm using the device for something it wasn't intended for.

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I've played fps on everything... i own a wii, an xbox360, a fair enough pc and an asus transformer. I can adapt to any control scheme, except with touch control... the tablet is not my thing to play a good fps.

Keyboard and mouse is the one i find more balanced. It's accurate, quick and never lets you down.

A regular controller is a little hard to get used to, but once you do it it's not that bad, but after touch controls is my least favorite.

The wiimote depends a lot from what the companies are ready to invest. I love playing a good fps on the wii, and the biggest problem you have is that some lazy companies didn't try to fine tune the controls. If it's well done, it's my prefered method. The only thing that has yet to be worked out are fast turns, especially 180... people who are allways kicking down motion controls should really play a good game, skyward sword, metroid 3, re4 or red steel 2 would be good places to start



I find Wii Remote and Nunchuk accurate but not necessarily as accurate as Keyboard and mouse. I guess the motion controls makes it more engaging than anything. At least, for me. Not a big fan of the archaic dual analog for FPS games.



They don't. Yeah, each set-up has its pros and cons, but the dual-stick method is just more reliable. When you have to point off center to turn, it makes it pretty hard to actually aim for your target.
Regardless, mouse and keyboard will always be king in this situation.
Frankly, the only FPS games I've played that actually feel better playing motion than stick are Metroid Prime 3 (and I guess the trilogy) and Red Steel 2. Interestingly enough, they aren't known for providing what most FPS games are. Red Steel 2 was more actiony than shooty due to the sword generally being the weopon of choice, and Metroid Prime 3 being about exploring rather than shooting stuff in the face (although there was quite a bit of that). Honestly, I'd rather categorize the two games as First Person Action and First Person Adventure, respectively. I find it to be a better way of classifying them.

Best thread ever
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@vonseux I'm not sure whether your taking the mick or you generally want to know... o_O

But I'll tell you, because I'm awesome... you have two sticks. One turns the camera + reticle and the other moves your character. :3

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wow, exaclty like pointer controls, you also has to push off center to turn!

Not in any controller-based FPS I've ever played.

The aiming sight remains dead-center with controller-based FPS games. The camera moves with the aim.

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