Topic: How do you Play your Wii, WideScreen or FullScreen?

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iphys wrote:

I tried playing Pikmin 2 in 16:9 and the Pikmin were so tiny I felt like I couldn't see anything — had to go back to 4:3.

iphys you know there are 3 different camera settings in pikmin ?

Now i finished pikmin2 on widescreen and i used the second or third farest camera option. I kinda find the options in there perfect. U got deflicker on / off , 3 different camera ranges and change between birds view or isometric view.
I find so many options perfect. Playing it in 4:3 seems to be a evil butchery. I personally prefer widescreen + 2. camera range + isometric view
Seriously in RTS, the overview is key ! Especially when there are blow rhinos , artillery fishes or evil burning bugs nearby. You need the most overview you can get or either ur army will be chewed by too many attracted enemies. Then even a fight vs 4 normal bigger spot bugs will be a defeat or dearly purchased victory. Trust me in later caves u will be very happy to have all the overview u can get. Especially in the water ghost dungeon!

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