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It doesn't matter that there may have been better games on the other consoles. There were more than enough on the Wii. Do I wish I could have played Bioshock and Mass Effect? Of course. But I still had plenty of other games to play. And my life is no less complete for missing out on those good games, and anybody who thinks theirs would be has bigger problems than having to survive six years with only one game console.

Its library is most definitely lacking. The FPS genre, RPG genre, fighting genre, TPS, RTS, racing, stealth, you name it. And most of the games that were apart of these genres were below average even though there's not much to speak of.

The only genres Wii outperformed were the platforming, racing and adventure genres. Not an entire library of quality and quantity there.

Which is exactly why I got a PlayStation 3. There wasn't much to play on the Wii anymore.

It's library is not lacking at all.

I comPletely agree that it all comes down to time because there was so much to play but only if you can't do enough with dozens of Wii games.

FPS? The Conduit, goldeneye and the wii remote supported games were great. Red steel 2. Not even going to mention the Metroid games.
Fighting? Except for Brawl, there was the amazing TvC of course, and there was also guilty gear, mortal kombat or whatever..
Racing I thought was the best with Mario kart excite bots. And rts? Sure that was only on PC. But pikmin in 1 and 2 and days of dawn and battalion wars... And basically every use of the cursor worked best with the wii even with games like swords & soldiers and other wiiware games.

Then there are genres that focused on the wii like light gun games that were frowned upon by many. There were games like no more heroes and madworld too.

RPGs again just fire emblem, little king story (rts?), rune factory, tales, DQ?, Muramasa, monster hunter , the last story and the Zeldas (not RPG right) can take forever not to mention the best RPGs ever all on the VC and many only on the VC.

So I completely agree that those that don't have time to play hundreds of games had their hands full and could have picked great games from all genres on the wii and not just platformers adventure etc etc. now if the person was fixated with online or just fps or just fighting then he might feel lacking but for the average person out there more than enough especially with handhelds (for example sf4 DoA or Tekken skipped the wii but showed up on the 3DS)

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I got a Wii launch day, and waited in the cold for 2 hours in fron of Best Buy. My parents bought a PS3 slim when those came out when we got an HDTV. Lastly, I got an Xbox 360 slim when those came out. I've had a Wii for a longer period of time, and I had plenty of GCN games that were going for $8 or less once it was defined as last gen at that point.
With VC, GCN backwards, Wii games, and Wii Ware, there is literally no way there wasn't enough games unless you never went to the store, gas station, or didn't have a credit card. I enjoyed my PS3 and Xbox 360 ALOT, especially when it came to Killzone, Halo, Gears of War, Banjo Kazooie, Metal Gear Solid, RE5, Dead Rising, Dead Space,etc, but titles on any platform will lose value if you've completed them, or that's all you have. Every console was worth having IMO, but Nintendo will always have Pikmin, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash, etc, to keep me coming back. Everyone who had an Xbox 360/PS3 that I had played Brawl with, literally said,"This is like an Xbox 360 game". Everyone I know(besides my cousins), are always excited for Smash Bros or Zelda, no matter what.


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I think it depends on your taste in games. For instance, someone who has an insatiable appetite for the FPS genre probably wasn't satisifed by what the WIi had to offer, even if the control scheme was better suited to that genre. (Yeah, I said it.) Personally, I still have more than a dozen unplayed Wii games on my shelf and a few others I intend to purchase, so this console more than took care of me.

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